NEW DELL LAPTOP ? Dark screen?

  gios100 12:22 09 Sep 2005

Hi Just bought a new Dell 6000 notebook.

Not had chance to read up on anything yet (i'm at work)

But the screen seems very dark. Is there a way of turning up the brightness. I can't see any at first glance. Never used a laptop before.

Are the all like this?

  Jabba10 13:05 09 Sep 2005

There is usually a dial on the side to adjust brightness.

Many laptops can also adjust brightness by hold down the 'FN' key and pressing one of the F keys. On my Toshiba, its F6 to reduce brightness and F7 to increase.

  woodchip 13:10 09 Sep 2005

on my laptop there is a Fn key bottom left with blue text on it if you press that and other blue key's like the one at top of keboard with a little sun icon in blue in should turn up down

  gios100 13:15 09 Sep 2005

Thank chaps, I'll take look when I get home.

I take it they are not as good as a separate screen though. On this the colours seem a bit washed out. Not impressed at so far.

  Mad Mick 13:33 09 Sep 2005

My Dell Inspiron 9300 uses Fn key and the up/down arrow keys to adjust brightness.

  Jackcoms 13:36 09 Sep 2005

I use a Dell Inspiron laptop.

To adjust screen brightness, press and hold the Fn key (bottom left) and then use the up and down arrows with circular blue 'sun' icons (bottom right).

Remember also that the screen will ALWAYS be darker when using battery compared to when using mains power. This is to conserve/lengthen battery life.

  gios100 13:54 09 Sep 2005

"Remember also that the screen will ALWAYS be darker when using battery" .

That could be why then. I just whipped out of the box and swithed it on.

It should be ok it was £800 quids worth.

  Pidder 16:21 09 Sep 2005

Presume you have XP. The screen brightness contrast and gamma can be adjusted, My Computer - change a setting- appearance and themes -(lower down) pick a Control Panel icon - Display-Settings - Advanced - s3Gamma Plus-then turn the brightness and contrast dials like you would adjusting a photo, I left the gamma alone.Can also be done with 98SE but slightly different way.

  gios100 18:32 09 Sep 2005

Hi Just got hone a tried it with the mains.

Brilliant, Nice bright vivid colours.

thanks for your help

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