New Crucial Memory

  m800afc 04:34 09 Jun 2008

win xp pro sp2.
I took the advice of a Crucial Scan, and bought and installed extra ram to double my ram to 2meg. The installation went witout a hitch, mostly due to Crucials excellent instructions. I wore a wrist strap and ensured there was no possibility of static.
The problem is that the computer appears to run much slower than previously.
I have noticed it most with applications such as Photoshop CS2 and Xara Xtreme 4 Pro. The redrawing time is greatly increased, causing the workflow to be seriously disrupted. I have to wait for redraws now, whereas they were quick before. I would very much like to have some advice as to what I should do to resolve this problem.

  crosstrainer 06:17 09 Jun 2008

Check the memory timings in your BIOS. When you installed the new RAM, it may have defaulted to the minimum settings.

Check the correct latency and RAS timings by refering to the instructions that came with your new memory, and set BIOS accordingly.

  m800afc 11:30 09 Jun 2008

Thank you for the reply. Being a bear of little brain, I do not know how to do these things. Perhaps you could explain?

  2neat 12:25 09 Jun 2008


  m800afc 12:48 09 Jun 2008

I have managed to get into my BIOS, and almost everything is set to auto. I see that the processor is an Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz. The two DIMMS are 1024Mb/166MHz DDR 333. The only setting containing the word latency is set to 32.
The new DIMMs are labelled 128MX64 DDR PC2700 UnBuff. These were reccommended by Crucial.

  m800afc 14:03 09 Jun 2008

I have managed to glean a little more information.

click here Report.jpg

  crosstrainer 14:20 09 Jun 2008

Your memory is capable of faster speeds, but is your motherboard?

Do you know make and model?

If not download and run:

click here

And post back with details.

  Ditch999 15:34 09 Jun 2008

What does it say on the SPD tab of CPUZ as this is what your memory is capable of?

  Ditch999 15:55 09 Jun 2008

From your manual it would appear that your motherboard only supports 2 x 1GB sticks of PC2700 (DDR333) or 1 x 1GB stick of PC3200 (DDR400)
So if you had one stick in previously of DDR400 then it is now running slower as it is only running at DDR333, as confirmed by CPUZ.

  m800afc 20:46 10 Jun 2008

Here are the relevant Belarc Results.

click here

  m800afc 19:50 16 Jun 2008

My mother board is an AS Rock 775VM800.
I have recieved an email from Crucial suggesting I re-seat the modules and to make sure that I have the latest BIOS revision installed. If the RAM is causing the system to run slower after I have followed these steps, return the modules for a full refund. I cannotfault Crucial for this, but the BIOS is v1.00 and the latest update is v1.01. I am very concerned about damaging the motherboard and so I would like to perform some sort of speed test on the system, with firstly the new memory in and then with the old memory in. The old memory is two 512Mb Dimms, one being 2700 and one 3200. Which socket should the 3200 go in one, or two? What free software is available to perform a meaningful speed test that is simple to interpret?

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