New CPU , plastic film not removed, running hot?

  the fool on the hill 00:10 12 Jun 2003

At the weekend,I upgraded my PC with the help of a couple of mates. The instructions say "Failure to remove the plastic cover or tape which protects the thermal interface material,prior to installation,will cause overheating and processor failure" None of us can actually remember doing this!! I have since removed the heatsink which is covered with grey "thermal paste" and the processor appears to have a metallic coating with no sign of plastic or tape.
According to the BIOS the CPU (ATHLON 2500 XP Barton)is running at about 60 degrees which with an 8cm fan at the front of the casing and a PCI "exhaust" fan at the rear seems on the warm side ( ambient temperature this evening is very warm though).I have been to the AMD site but am no wiser (up to 90 degrees is OK?)so 2 questions:
1)What sort of temperature should I be running at? imposing very little load on the system (internet only) 2)Is there a product I can use to clean CPU and heatsink so that I can use new thermal paste to ensure optimum heat dissipation?

  hugh-265156 00:19 12 Jun 2003
  Mysticnas 00:36 12 Jun 2003


white spirit to clean my CPU. DON'T pour it over the cpu. Get a clean cloth and dab it in the spirit and QUICKLY wipe the cpu surface with it. repeat this until clean.

I say quickly cuz the longer you take the less spirit will be left on the cloth. You see it evaporates quickly.

  Djohn 00:46 12 Jun 2003

If you don't remember removing the tape from the heat sink thermal pad, it may have been a piece of acetate, (Sometimes used) and could quite easily have fallen off the pad without you noticing.

If it had remained on, I think your CPU would not be working by now. As for cleaning the CPU and the base of the heatsink, if you can't find the correct fluid, use "Nail varnish remover", it does an excellent job of cleaning both surfaces.

When you apply new paste, don't use too much, you want a nice even layer about the same thickness as 90 gram paper. j.

  hugh-265156 01:04 12 Jun 2003

white spirit contains oil that does nit evaporate.

isopropol alcahol can be purchased from a good chemist.

£1.50 for 1/2 litre or so.

  -pops- 06:17 12 Jun 2003

Isopropyl alcohol click here product number RE71N

  The Sack 12:27 12 Jun 2003

Nail varnish remover also contains oils so dont use that either. Tape head/CD cleaner is usualy isopropol alcahol so see if you have some of that knocking around.

Your problem (if it can be called that) maybe a lack of airflow, you have a 80mm fan blowing air in and a PCI blower sucking this air directly back out before it gets anywhere near the processor. If the PSU isnt a dual fan type then the heat generated by the processor will just pool in the top of the case. You need at least one 80mm fan on on the space provided near the top of the case at the back. Dont forget most 80mm fans are pretty quiet so the more you can shove in the better.

The ideal air flow is a diagonal running from the bottom front of the case to the top rear of the case.

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