new cpu fan

  carver 22:09 06 Apr 2004

I need to either fit a new cpu fan and heat sink or just re seat the old one but I'm not sure about the best way to get the old thermal pad off and clean up the relavant parts. I intend to re seat it using thermal paste instead of a pad but just how clean does it need to be. Any advice would be very welcome.

  Quiller. 22:19 06 Apr 2004

These video's will show you all you need. They are about 1Mb each. When downloaded un-dock the player and you can have them full screen. Make sure you have your speakers turned on.

click here

  LastChip 22:24 06 Apr 2004

Don't try and force it off. A gentle twisting motion will eventually break the seal, but you need to be patient.

Both the the core of the CPU and the heat-sink need to be spotless for a good thermal transition to take place.

You will probably find nail varnish remover as good as anything (and easily available) to clean the components. When the heat-sink is clean, it should have similar to a mirror finish.

For more information click here

  carver 19:46 07 Apr 2004

Thanks for the info the links, did help sort out the problem, I've now got a nice cool CPU.

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