New Computers Aldi V Time, how would you vote ?

  Howard. 19:08 30 Mar 2003

These Two are both bringing out Super computers this week, I need assurance to Pick the right one your advice please,

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  rct 19:09 30 Mar 2003

Buy the Medion PC from Aldi. Time have a reputation for poor quality machines and extremely poor customer service/care.

  ZnO 19:38 30 Mar 2003

ALDI !!!!!!

  savv 20:06 30 Mar 2003

i'd recommend the medion, had one 12 months no problems!!

  rev.bem 20:08 30 Mar 2003

Aldi 4 Time 0

  leo49 20:25 30 Mar 2003

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Keep asking the same question and we'll have to start calling you 'Biggles Once Again' :o)

  howard60 20:57 30 Mar 2003

they do the specification for the money but I would say Medion for the quality of the build and components used.

  Twobob 21:12 30 Mar 2003

I had a Medion for four years , could'nt kick it to death.My grandchildren still use it.I learned everything on that machine including memory ,processor and graphics upgrades.I also fitted CD writer,USB ports,2nd printer port and and and.No matter what I tried , the good old Medion took it on the chin and never once crashed unless I caused it which taught me how to reinstate Windows 95,98,98V2.I still miss it now that i have moved on to greater,"(well more expensive)", things.I remember it well,I went to ALDI and bought six tins of beans, two packs of butter,a loaf and a Computer. To top it all , no bloody sales patter from a know nothing sales person.
Medion , ALDI , all the way.

  EggandPeas 21:29 30 Mar 2003

I vote for "build your own".

  vaughan007 09:29 31 Mar 2003 me...Aldi is in the Premiership and Time is in Division Three.

  Time - Chris 09:49 31 Mar 2003

Clearly my views on the Aldi vs Time debate are going to have bias but Time has been producing PCs since 1987 and is now the UKs biggest independent manufacturer. We are also the 4th biggest shipper of PCs in the UK, behind Dell, HP and NEC.

We have 2.5 million happy customers and you don't get that kind of success by being 3rd Division!! And, while we openly admit that our support wasn't the best a few years ago, we have really changed because we realise how important customers are to our business.

Finally, Time has a representative on this forum and I'm not aware that Medion or Aldi have?

Thanks for letting me have my rant - but we're not that bad you know!!

Cheers - Chris

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