new to computering

  46tiger 19:46 29 Sep 2006

just got myself a seconhand dell computer, all i know is, it has xp home, aol,- i like to learn more about useing computers, can somebody please help me as to which books or software to buy, or will i need to go to evening classes.

  STREETWORK 20:05 29 Sep 2006

Start with using the built in features of xp's Help, accessible from the start menu.

What do you want to learn about. Use click here to search the internet for what you are looking to do, this is self teach...

Do not be afraid, but do not change anything you are not sure of...

  46tiger 20:15 29 Sep 2006

thanks streetwork, i would like to start from basic use of computer, then onto words,spreadsheet,digital foto,etc,etc, iam afraid to press the wrong key, incase i loss all the info from the pc, thanks again

  VoG II 20:39 29 Sep 2006

Have a look at click here

Please come here if there is anything that you do not understand - there is no such thing as a 'stupid question'. We all started from a blank sheet and most of us are still learning. If you stick with it, and this forum, you will soon find yourself posting answers in the Helproom.

  STREETWORK 21:41 29 Sep 2006

A good point to remember with computing, when a box comes up and says something like, "are you sure" or "doing this may£ always click "cancel" or "no"

Do not be afraid of mousing around and as VoG says come here for assistance whenever...

  Belatucadrus 21:57 29 Sep 2006

Buy software, what a strange idea click here
You only really need to buy software if you're making a profit and need the commercial license.
click here
click here

  lisa02 22:42 29 Sep 2006

Welcome to the forum, you're off on the right foot by coming here...

It's a really fun learning curve, any questions we'll gladly help you.


  lisa02 22:45 29 Sep 2006

and there's no such thing as silly questions!

If you don't know, you don't know - no one knows everything.

Having said that I reckon, collectively, PC Advisor does ;)

  bluto1 22:53 29 Sep 2006

Welcome to the best forum on the `net. As VoG said we all started in the same place so take advantage of the collective gen here.

  Forum Editor 23:30 29 Sep 2006

1.Learn by the best method possible - the hands on approach.

2.Buy our magazine each month - you'll pick up all kinds of information that way.

3. When you're stuck, come here and ask for help and/or advice. Don't ever think that your question will be too trivial, it's a sure bet that someone has asked the same thing before you.

Welcome to our forum, we're a friendly bunch, and collectively we know quite a bit about computing - not many problems go unresolved here.

  ynohtna 00:55 30 Sep 2006

Mnay thanks to those who helped me with my last question involving how i can get connected to the internet. I learnig lots about computers at the mo and this forum is a great help. My next question is this... at home my mum has 'orange' broadband on her pc, can i plug my laptop into this connection and use the broadband as well or can i only use it on her machine, if so, where can i get the connection settings from. the next question is that my mate has 'Tiscali' broadband at his house, can i set up my laptop so i can go round his and plug in... can i have lots of connections set up on my laptop so i can pick and choose depending on where i am... hope this is clear...
Sorry if its a stoopid question

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