New computer Xp Locks up

  surfsteruk 02:47 03 Feb 2006


I've just finished my build of my new gaming system. I put it together last night and installed windows Xp professional onto it. I havent got many programs installed yet but the system has completely locked up and freezed 5 times in two days. Only way to recover is to hold the power switch and restart.

1 time I had IE open and was listening to music. Another time was during a Virus scan (AVG). So it hasnt locked up during heavy CPU loads.

The specs of the system: AMD 64 3700+, 1024DDR pc3200 ram, 120 and 40 GB IDE had drives. 6600GT graphics card. AN8 SLi 939 premium motherboard.

I've also ran a system monitoring program an dthe CPU temp runs at around 35 - 40 Degrees and the system temp is about 45 Degrees.

I'm look for some advice about what aspects I can look into to solve this problem.

  €dstowe 06:28 03 Feb 2006

Have you looked in the Event Viewer(s) to see is anything is recorded immediately before the freeze?

  ICF 07:36 03 Feb 2006

Have you got two blocks of memory installed if so take one out and see how you go.One could be faulty

  onthebog 09:38 03 Feb 2006

The most effective (although time consuming) way to cure these intermittent lockups is to strip the PC down to its minimum components, and gradually re-build bit by bit until the fault emerges - that way you should be able to pinpoint the faulty component.
My Jedi mind powers suggest that you may have a duff power supply though. If this checks out OK then start the above procedure.

  surfsteruk 15:38 03 Feb 2006


I took your advice and began reassembling some of the parts again and re-reading through the motherboard manual. And I discovered that I put the memory Modules in wrong. I have a matched pair of OCZ sticks and I had put them in a single channel configuration. I have now moved one stick over to the second channel (running dual channel mode now) and so far havent had a lockup.

fingers crossed!


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