new computer wont start up!

  Goochtek 16:03 06 Dec 2005

So I've just put together a new PC

Speclist is...

FX55 Athlon
1 x 1GB RAM
ABit AV8 3rd Eye Motherboard
Antec 480Wt Truepower PSU
GeForce 4
M Audio 192 Card

Ok, I have connected things to the best of my ability. Apon powering up, all internal LEDs light, CPU fan spins, a couple of seconds pass, then as the HD spins up, the machine switches itself off.

Im guessing towards mis-wiring on my part. One main concern of mine lies with the PSU motherboard power. Its one of the new ATX ones with two plugs, a 20 pin and then a seperate 4 pin. At the moment the 20 pin connects fine, but the 4 pin I had to leave redundant as the plastic moulding is the complete opposite of what's required to fit in the connector (square pins at reversed corners - weird)

This is the only obvious flaw which comes to mind - any ideas?

  PaulB2005 16:14 06 Dec 2005

Well if the 4 pin power plug isn't plugged in then it's going nowhere.

  PaulB2005 16:15 06 Dec 2005

"square pins at reversed corners - weird"

Surely it should fit one way? It's a standard plug and socket....

  woodchip 16:17 06 Dec 2005

You should try with least Components connected also out of the Case, on some Card or such. To test you should have Graphics and Memory on the board connect PSU plugs and see if you can get to BIOS try Del for BIOS. PS also Keyboard

  Goochtek 16:23 06 Dec 2005

With regards to the square pin thing...


Is the layout of the female connector on the board, whereas the configuration on the plug is


Hence its the complete opposite of what should fit (it only goes one 1 up)

Should I shave the pins to fit?

  PaulB2005 16:30 06 Dec 2005

I know I'm asking for trouble here but can't you turn it 90 degrees?

If not why not?

Sounds like a faulty plug on the Antec PSU, but can't find any reference anywhere else on this problem.

  Goochtek 16:33 06 Dec 2005

No - the slanted pins are shaped like a house - IE face in a particular uniform direction. Therefore the pin is the mirror image of the plug (in the wrong way heh)

  PaulB2005 16:33 06 Dec 2005

Hang on...

Some new PSU's come with 2 Four pin connectors. Some newer boards have a 24 pin power connector instead of the 20. So the PSU have a 20 pin and a 4 pin that CAN go together to make a 24 pin if needed.

Is there another 4 pin connector from the PSU?

  PaulB2005 16:34 06 Dec 2005

Ignore last post. Sounds like you have the right plug and socket. Can't imagine why they are the wrong way round.

Have you asked Antec or looked at another PSU?

  De Marcus™ 16:45 06 Dec 2005

click here may help prompt someone. Nice setup btw.

  Goochtek 16:53 06 Dec 2005

Just mailed Antec to see if its a (bizarre?) manufacturing error..

Having said that, thanks to De Marcus for the image - the wire labels - is 'COM' black/red and '12VDC+' orange/yellow?

Knowing this would mean I could shave the pins and get them in the right way up...

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