New computer won't boot - Dell say too many games!

  JuneM 16:24 21 Jul 2006

2 momth old Dell Pentium D PC with 1gb ddr2 & 256mb nVidia Ge Force 7300LE running XP Media Centre is refusing to boot. Dell say that there are too many hi-end games installed and that a conflict with base files is causing the problem. They say they can take remote control of my PC and fix it, but I will have to pay because this is a software probem and not a hardware one, so my 3 year waranty does not cover this. In all my years reading your magazine I have never heard of this. All these games were installed on my 3 year old Evesham PC with no problem other than some of them ran too slow. Surely a new PC should be able to cope with this? Legally do I have any right to an exchange or refund as I don't want to start paying.

  SG Atlantis® 16:37 21 Jul 2006

Give a bit more info...

What does it do when you turn it on?

Any error codes?

You can most likely fix this yourself...

If you have been doing back ups, then why not just restore back to orginal settings.. If the fault persists then it's obviously not caused by your games.

  JuneM 17:18 21 Jul 2006

the PC seems to start up properly, but after the loading screen has passed (the screen with the windows xp logo and a loading bar at the bottom) it goes blank and the log-in screen never shows up.

No, there aren't any error codes.

And we haven't been making back-ups either.

On another note, the power pack once stopped working and we had to get someone out to replace it. After that it worked fine up till now.

  chelsea 90 17:27 21 Jul 2006

if you are using a gamepad un plug it then start the pc.
i had the same problem and i have to plug in my usb logitech gamepad
Once windows has loaded then plug you gamepad in .
i have to do that all the time

  Pine Man 18:34 21 Jul 2006

Most new Dell Computers can have their factory settings restored by using the F11 key before Windows starts to load.

So long as you have all the software for the games you had loaded why not try a restore and see what happens.

  woodchip 18:40 21 Jul 2006

It's a Driver Problem at Boot, Try tapping F8 as computer starts and see if you can get into Safe mode top of the list that pops up

  woodchip 18:48 21 Jul 2006

If you can get into safe mode you may find why it's not booting in normal mode. By using MSCONFIG

  JuneM 19:44 21 Jul 2006

safe mode doesn't work, it just jams until i force shut down (hold the power button)

  woodchip 19:47 21 Jul 2006

Can you do a XP repair. You need a full XP CD to do it. Or if like my XP comps both Medion You can choose to restore startup files only from Restore disc

  JuneM 20:09 21 Jul 2006

my PC is actually running at the moment - temporarily, but if I switch it off I can't start it up again and the fix is what Dell want me to pay them for. But then if it happens in the future will I have to pay again?

  woodchip 21:45 21 Jul 2006

Get Acronis True Image and Make a Image of the C:\ drive while it's working then you have something to fall back on, if Your fixes do not work

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