new computer + windows cd? advice please

  mcds01 09:58 03 Sep 2004

ok say i was going to buy a new computer which comes supplied with windows xp. What should i receive with this ijn regard to cds? if my understanding is correct i may not neccessarily get an actual xp cd. but do the retailers have to supply something? Is OEM anything to do with this? surely if i dont have the cd i cant say i have a legit copy? Apologies if this is simple but i am slightly confused by the matter, many thanks.

  [email protected] 10:41 03 Sep 2004

some retailers supply XP CD with the computer some do not. The solution to this is to ask the retailer whether they do or not. If they say that they supply a start up or backup CD that is not the XP CD. Most retailers do fix the XP logo with I/D onto the PC case so this is your proof that it is legit. It is usually wise to have the original XP CD that was used to install the PC and simply buy from the shop that will supply you with the original XP CD

  temp003 11:55 03 Sep 2004

As kellysbouncas says, it depends on the manufacturer/supplier.

Some don't come with any CD. Some come with a "Recovery CD" or other means of recovery, to restore the image of the original factory settings (including XP and possibly other programs). Some come with proper XP installation CD (for which you may or may not have to pay extra).

The last is the best, as it can be used for repairing.

A "Recovery CD" suffers the disadvantage that if you have to use it, you will lose all programs and data which have been saved after you received the computer.

So just ask clearly what you will get, and what you have to pay, before buying the computer.

  mcds01 12:31 03 Sep 2004

but i should receive one or the other?

  Yoda2002 13:19 03 Sep 2004

yes you will get ETHER and xp disc OR a recovery disc

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