New computer, want to check for compatability

  Possumwee 11:15 18 Sep 2007

Hi guys

The graphics card on my computer has decided to commit suicide, and as it is 4 years old now its time for a new one.

Ive decided to build my own as its literally like half the price of buying one, however i have little knowledge in this and am gaining all my knowledge from the net.

click here

This is my build and i was just wondering with all you hardware experts if it all fits well together, i know the graphics card is very large and not too sure if it fits in the case.

Also will i need to mod the bios for the quad core? which is what im hearing

I will have access to a comp and internet while building, but if theres anything i should know please tell me.

Anyway thanks in advance guys

  Possumwee 11:25 18 Sep 2007

Hi sry just to add one more thing

I was thinking of getting this gfx card

click here=

As its only slightly more expensive than mine, but is the fastest money can buy, what are the logistics of this one, will it fit in my case or would i need anything special?

Cheers guys

  RobCharles1981 11:34 18 Sep 2007

Hi, The graphics card you are getting is a very good card and will fit in your Antec 900 with ease, I got exactly that card and case fits like a dream.

I prefer the AMD's againts the Intel cause they seem to be cheaper.

I would go for something like:

click here

And I would change the motherboard too:
click here

Change the Ram as its better quality:

click here

What Powersupply do you have in mind? If you plan to go to SLI get this beast:

click here

It has 6 PCI-E Power Connecters!

And drop out the sound card as well, as the Crosshair has its onboard sound.

Good Luck.

  RobCharles1981 11:36 18 Sep 2007

P.S No!

click here

Much Better!

  RobCharles1981 11:37 18 Sep 2007

P.S No!

click here

Much Better!

  Possumwee 12:22 18 Sep 2007

Thanks for the input

I went for the QX6600 and the EVGA motherboard because of overclocking abilities.

Its fairly easy with a decent fan to overclock a 6600 to 3ghz or more, which blows any AMD processor out of the water.

The ram and PSU look good i might try them thanks

  RobCharles1981 12:25 18 Sep 2007

The best overclocking motherboard is this:

click here

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