New Computer or wait?

  allanon 20:38 18 Dec 2007

I'm considering passing my old PC to my kids and get a new Computer. Since direct 10 cards appear to be main stream and the quad core CPU's are now available. Is it a good time to get a new computer or is anyone aware of any new major technological advances in the short term, which would mean it's better to wait. I realise that Computers are out of date almost immediately and that technology seems to be progressing at an increasing rate, but your views would be gratefully received. I'm after a gaming machine but with some office use. I want to specs in the new games like Crysis and Supreme Commander

Current PC.Pentium 4 3ghz single core chip and a 7600GT GPU, 2GIG memory

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:50 18 Dec 2007

Why wait
you'll never keep up

If you're ready for a change go for it, your old spec approx 3 years old?

  allanon 20:53 18 Dec 2007

True it's just that I was aware of Vista and the Direct x10 cards coming along so I waited. I'm just wondering whether there is anything major in the pipelines?

  laurie53 08:30 19 Dec 2007

There's always something in the pipelines. What you buy today is out of date tomorrow, no matter how long you wait.

  johnem 08:33 19 Dec 2007

Why wait, get today's technology and start enjoying using it. He who waits is even further behind in the enjoyment stakes!!

  birdface 08:34 19 Dec 2007

Might be better waiting until after Xmas you may get the computer a bit cheaper in the sales.

  FatboySlim71 09:01 19 Dec 2007

I agree with the others, "they will always be some new technology etc just around the corner" and this is more so with computers.

I got a dual core PC just under 2 years ago and now we are on quad core. But for me the dual core is MORE THAN ADEQUATE for my uses and I will be keeping it for a while yet.

Its basically getting a computer when you want to get one and getting (if funds allow) the newest technology built into them. If you think the price and the spec are good then buy, although it may be worth waiting till after Christmas to see if there is any price drop.

  skeletal 10:25 19 Dec 2007

You mention Crysis. You cannot buy any computer ATM that will run Crysis fully maxed out on Dx10. Even two 8800 Ultras in SLi are woefully inadequate.

So, you could wait, but you will have to wait for the next generation of graphics cards which, as a guess, is probably a year or more away.

So I would buy now, and with a 8800 GTX you will by able to play most (all?) new games at medium to high settings (on Crysis, I get around 23 fps on "high" and (IIRC) 4X AA ; 2 fps on DX10/Vhigh/Vista. This is on a E6700 core 2 duo and a single 8800GTX).

Crysis is way beyond any other game ATM and forums are full of info, and criticism that he game is so slow. We all hope a patch will speed things up, so the problem may not be totally symptomatic of DX10. Vista does knock about 10 fps off most games though, but again SP1 may improve matters.

To start you on your hours of reading about Crysis try:
click here


  citadel 17:15 19 Dec 2007

I would wait and get a penryn quad core cpu early next year. the current q6600 go stepping version quad is already "one of the best cpu's ever made" custom pc mag feb edition. this overclocks to 3.6. the penryn version will be even better and cooler.

  allanon 17:54 24 Dec 2007

Thank you contributors for your advice

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