new computer or upgrade year 2000 computer

  ambrose 20:29 02 Nov 2005

Do I upgrade my old and slow desktop athlon model year 2000 or has technolpgy moved so far is it cheaper to just buy new.If so intel or amd?
Its used mainly for word processing and emails not gaming.
Advise please.
Thanks Geoff

  Ancient Learner 20:45 02 Nov 2005

I suspect that, providing that it is still working OK, you are unlikely to see any improvement with even a super-dupa PC, using it as you describe.

XP is most certainly better than 98 or ME, but proved there is enough memory, an Athlon should cope well. However, you do need 512 MB for a satisfactory usage. Having said that, many here are still using 98 quite happily it seems.

  Crook 20:47 02 Nov 2005

For you basic requirements,like me, use internet for all sorts of stuff including downloads of infor andupgrades and oatches, e-mails and word processing then I think it is cheaper and easier to buy. One can get some very fast machines nowadays for about #500 - see PC Advisor December page 216 or visit PC World if you must! I bought an e-machines job two years ago for #500 and have upgraded the memory to 1 GB via Crucial, very pleased so far with all. An upgrade to the sort of performance from the PC Advisor Best Buy would cost more probabkly and not be so satisfactory in my view. Hope this helps.

  Belatucadrus 20:47 02 Nov 2005

Have PCs moved on a lot since 2000, yes. Will it improve the Word Processing & e-mail experience, No. If you're into graphics/video editing, heavy duty number crunching or games, then a new PC may be worth buying. If not then I'd reformat and dependant on how much RAM you've got, hit Crucial for an upgrade click here

If you do decide you want to replace then AMD, more bang per buck.

  pj123 20:55 02 Nov 2005

I am still running quite a few computers (for training) ranging from a Duron 950 up to an Athlon 2000. All running Win 98SE. With the amount of problems that I see on this Forum relating to Win XP I am glad I am still on Win 98SE. I have no intention of switching to XP at the moment but maybe Vista (when it arrives) will change my mind.

  ambrose 20:11 21 Nov 2005

Thanks all for your advice

  Simsy 20:22 21 Nov 2005

my PC from 2000...

I was then a P3 550Mhz

2 years ago, because of a motherboard failure I had to replace the mobo, and upgraded the CPU at the same time to an Athlon 1.1 Gig...

I'm now, finally, getting around to XP. I had no need to before, but some new software needs XP as a min, (eg Skype, Google Earth).

I have replaced;

CPU, now 1.333 Ghz

RAM, now 512 Mg of DDR

Graphics Card, now 128M DDR, (was 16M SDR)

HDD, Now 80Gig, (adding to 40 and 20)

I've also recently gone broadband.

As you can see, by modern standards it isn't a wiz... but I don't do video editing or gaming. I do a lot of messing with photos and sound, including multitrack stuff, and this is more than adequade for my needs.

Given the use(es) you indicate I'd suggest there's no need to upgrade... unless, as I've found, you need XP for newer software.

I hope this helps,



  Simsy 20:26 21 Nov 2005

That I was doing the photo and audio stuff when I still had the 550mHz...

I had upped the RAM to 512 and though could be a little slow processing some BIG photos, it always did the job... and I never had a problem with the audio stuff.

If your is a similar spec then I wouldn't be unduly concerned.



  keef66 13:26 22 Nov 2005

I've got 2 pc's side by side at home. One's a 950 Duron 128mb RAM running 98SE, and the other an Athlon XP2100+ 512mb RAM running XPHome. They are networked and sharing a broadband connection. For the kind of stuff you describe, you can't honestly tell the difference.

I'm sure the Duron would run XP if I increased the RAM to 512mb, but where's the fun in that? Besides I like to run some older games which 98SE lets me do.

Unless you're into games or video editing / DVD burning, save your money

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