New Computer - no O/S DVD

  Storic12 11:28 28 Mar 2014

My neighbour bought a new computer from a local shop. The computer was without an operating system and he was charged £95.00 for the shop to "supply and install" Windows 7 Home edition(32bit). He did not receive the CD/DVD that contained the operating system. Considering that he could have bought Windows 7 Home edition for the same price, or less, shouldn't he have received TWO CD/DVD's with his computer? One containing the motherboard drivers, the other the operating system. He only got the motherboard CD. What is the legal interpretation of to "supply AND install" Windows 7 Home edition? This appears to be somewhat of a "rip-off" to me. Am I right or wrong?

  onthelimit1 11:35 28 Mar 2014

I would expect a) a genuine DVD for the OS. b) a valid COA sticker on the computer. Mobo disk would be a bonus. If no sticker, I'd be suspicious as they may have installed a pirated copy with a crack to activate it. so, first off, is there a COA sticker attached?

  Storic12 11:52 28 Mar 2014

As far as I could see there is no sticker on the case. I have been somewhat reluctant to help this 85 year-old man because another neighbour (with little or no knowledge on computers) has been wandering around the BIOS for some reason or another. It is a MSI motherboard with a new GUI BIOS and no manual. I have had to look this up on the net to familiarise myself with it. The whole thing is now a mess (although I have managed to enable him to use his O/S) and I have advised the chap to take it back to the shop and to ensure he gets the DVD for the operating system as the computer is still under guarantee. (He's had it for around a fortnight)

  Jollyjohn 12:11 28 Mar 2014

The £95 charge is reasonable to supply and install but he most definitely should have the dvd and COA for the computer.

If you do need to go back into the BIOS, I would select Optimised defaults.

I would also consider setting up a limited account for the owner to use on a day to day basis which will limit the ability to accidentally download and install junk on the pc.

  Storic12 21:24 29 Mar 2014

Update: I have left things as they are except to have made it more difficult to gain access to the BIOS. The MSI motherboard GUI interface makes it too easy for users to access the BIOS. I have just informed a friend of the owner that I think he should go down to the computer shop with him and get the operating system DVD.

Thanks to "Onthelimit1" and "Jollyjohn" for your help. Very much appreciated.

  spuds 00:32 30 Mar 2014

I have seen very similar situations regarding 'local shop' installing an operating system on a computer and not supplying the relevant disks and stickers. Sometimes (especially with older versions of operating systems) the installer might use a 'master disk' or a pirate copy.

If £95.00 was paid for the installation, then a sticker plus the disk should have been supplied to prove authenticity, and I would demand that I received both from the installer/seller. Perhaps a note about W7 Home, I can purchase genuine copies with all the relevant items for £50.00 to £60.00 nowadays.

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