New Computer--New Problems

  jaycup 13:08 06 Mar 2004

I have built a new computer and for the past week I have been de-bugging and loading my software. the following problems remain.

1. My new V92 modem only connects at 28.8kbps. My 'old' computer is still running and the V90 Modem can still connects at 46-48kbps., using the same phone-line and ISP. Do I have a problem here or what?.

2. "My Computer" is showing a ('ghost') DVD Drive (H:\) my legitimate drives are shown correctly as Y:\ and Z:\. I don't know where this extra one came from but how do I get rid of it?.

3. After updating Roxio Easy CD Creator 6.0 a folder icon has appeared on my desktop, namely "Roxio Media Data-Base Shell Extension" I cannot get rid of it, the right click menu has no delete option.

All contributions to any of the problems will be appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 13:29 06 Mar 2004

1 - ensure that you have the correct drivers for hte modem; within the properties of the modem, check that the maximum connection speed is set at 115,000 (not that it will ever get there!).

2 - don't know - what are the properties of this drive?

3 - click once on the file and press the delete key on your keyboard, assuming that you certainly don't want the program.

  hugh-265156 13:34 06 Mar 2004

im not familiar with Roxio but it may have a virtual image drive that will show up in my computer or control panel.maybe.

  jaycup 13:44 06 Mar 2004

What a quick response! First of all my Modem is bang up to date driver wise and it is an Intel Modem. My connect speed is at maximum 115200, funny enough I have just had a reply from my ISP (onetel)suggesting I reduce this to 57000 as a means to cure the problem I did this and am currently connected at 31.3kbps.
The ghost drive problem could be caused by Roxio but a 'virtual' drive normally shows itself properly checking on Properties shows a normal CD-Drive 'unknown'
The suggestion of highlighting the desktop icon and then using delete from the ketyboard did not work. It obviously does not have a 'delete' option so I think it will have to be from the Registry, hence my posting here.

  hector 911 15:21 06 Mar 2004

you can run xp desktop cleaner to remove.

go into appearance and themes, background, customise desktop, "clean desktop now" and you have boxes to tick which icon or folder on desktop to remove, I can`t remember off hand, but I think you have the choice, remove to a folder or delete ?

  jaycup 16:34 06 Mar 2004

Thanks, 'hector 911' it worked, the Clean up Wizard put it in a folder and I was then able to delete the folder so it is gone, brilliant!!.
One down, two to go.
Connection speed back to 28.8 ouch!!.

  sidecar sid 16:37 06 Mar 2004

Just a thought are you using the modem driver from the windows update site?

  hugh-265156 16:44 06 Mar 2004

is the dvd drive H listed in control panel/performance and maintenance/system/hardware/device manager

maybe you can right click it and choose uninstall from here.

just thinking say your drives are listed as "Y:\ and Z:\" what are these,a hard drive and cd/dvd writer?

normally(guessing)if you have a floppy/1xcd drive and 1xhdd for example they will be called A:\ C:\ & D:\ have you changed the drive letters yourself by any chance?

if so maybe a restarting the computer will make the H:\ drive dissappear.

  woodchip 16:45 06 Mar 2004

Not all ISP's can connect at v92 check with your ISP

  Stormpool 17:02 06 Mar 2004

"1. My new V92 modem only connects at 28.8kbps. My 'old' computer is still running and the V90 Modem can still connects at 46-48kbps., using the same phone-line and ISP. Do I have a problem here or what?."

Modem's work differently, especially if you are comparing a hardware modem with a software modem. As far as I know H/W modem's are better at handling noisier lines. So it might be worth getting BT to have the line checked, and have the gain turned up.

  jaycup 17:06 06 Mar 2004

The Modem driver is microsoft approved and it came from Intel. The H:\ drive I have checked out in Device Manager and it is listed as 'AXV CD/DVD Rom SCSI CD Rom Device'. I re-allocated the drive letters of my two drives when first I booted up about a week ago they are a DVD RW and a CD RW. Finally my ISP have not indicated that they are not compatible with V92 standard and I would think that this is almost inconceivable.

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