New Computer need advice

  daniel-3640 16:10 26 Dec 2009

Looking at buying a new computer for gaming. Have a budget of £500 may stretch to £600. Dont mind if it is brand new or refurbished. Will be hooking it up to my 32" lcd tv so wont need a moniter. Any help much appreciated. Here are some i am looking at could you give me your views and recommendations on them or maybe point me in a different direction.

click here

click here

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  GaT7 17:13 26 Dec 2009

I would go for the OC PC click here, as it has the best graphics card (GPU).

The PB IPWRX9830 click here comes next, but its GPU is still relatively weak for gaming. Don't consider any of the others, unless you were thinking of replacing their GPUs with something a lot better. But in doing so, their power supplies (PSU) would need to be upgraded too.

Btw, Arbico's gaming PC section has better GPUs click here.

What resolution is your LCD TV? The greater this is, the more graphics power you'll need. And possibly something better than the OC PC's HD4850. Please let us know the games you intend playing as well. G

  daniel-3640 18:15 26 Dec 2009

My tv resolution will be at max 1920 x 1080. I am new to computer games but will be starting with empire total war and napoleon total war when it is realesed. Also have some flight sim games. I would like to play these at med / high setting would this be possible? I was thinking the oc pc was the one i was going to go for but was told on other forums that it has a weak power supply how would i go about upgrading it?

  daniel-3640 18:19 26 Dec 2009

Also what would be a better operating system win 7 32 bit or win 7 64 bit?

  GaT7 18:42 26 Dec 2009

The Corsair branded PSU in the OC PC is excellent quality & absolutely fine for the graphics card installed. It is also way better than anything one is likely to find in most other PCs of a similar standard. Most other system builders are very likely to opt for a 'generic' one to keep costs down.

I'm not sure about the recommended requirements for the games you mention, but a HD4850 (preferably with 1Gb RAM) looks like the lowest to go for.

32/64 bit will be fine, with the former (i.e. 32) being the the most compatible with your software/peripherals/games. However, as more & more software & drivers are being written for the latter, it should also be fine (ongoing 64-bit compatibility list in the Win7 forum click here). If in doubt, go for 32-bit. G

  daniel-3640 19:32 26 Dec 2009

Ok thanks alot so the pc from oc would be the best to go for? Could it run newer games like left for dead 2 and modern warfare 2 on high setting with my 32" lcd tv?

  GaT7 20:15 26 Dec 2009

These Tomshardware benchmarks (for the HD4850) will give you a fairly good idea click here. The difference between 512Mb & 1Gb HD4850s appear negligible.

As you can stretch to £600, this one with a quad-core CPU & HD4870 will be a better choice click here for ~£580 with delivery.

Chillblast is another to consider perhaps - an example is click here for £565 (price includes delivery). Choose the HD4890, CM 500W PSU & remove monitor (select OS to suit if necessary). This has the best graphics card for the money. G

  GaT7 20:17 26 Dec 2009

The HD4850, 4870 & 4890 graphics cards compared click here. G

  daniel-3640 10:06 27 Dec 2009

Thanks alot that one from chillblaster seems the best you have been a big help

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