blackpat 11:01 22 Feb 2006

windows xp home edit. if I bought a new computer, would I be able to use the windows xp cd that I have, assuming that the new computer didnt have it as a operating system and would I be able to use things that I have on my old computer like Norton anti virus etc. providing I have the cd's for them.If the new computer is plugged into the same phone connection as the old one was, would things like msn etc still recognise it. Sorry if I'm not very clear.
Thanks, Blackpat.

  SG Atlantis® 11:03 22 Feb 2006

if it's retail then XP may be moved but you MUST take if off the old computer. The same for any other paid for software on your old computer.

  spuds 11:53 22 Feb 2006

"The same for any other paid for software". That would depend on the software and terms and possible conditions provided on the software package.Depending on the age of the Norton product, it may pay to consider a free anti-virus like AVG click here or Avast click here

If you want another firewall, instead of XP or whatever, then perhaps consider free ZoneAlarm click here as an alternative.

  SG Atlantis® 12:01 22 Feb 2006

I was generalising retail terms and conditions over OEM T&C's.

I have moved Nero 6 across 3 computers as it's a Retail version and I have moved Norton IS across 2 computers but ended up ditching it. I had MS works suite on the last computer but it was OEM so I couldn't move it. I now have Open Office.

I'd go with spuds recommendations on Firewall and Anti-Virus, I have avg free and zone alarm.

  Diodorus Siculus 12:08 22 Feb 2006

Apart from buying an operating system, there is little need to spend money on any other software - there are no end of freeware alterntives available that will get the average user going.

  blackpat 15:18 22 Feb 2006

Thanks all. I have only just bought and installed Norton is 2006 in a package with personel firewall and ghost 10. I bought it from currys. the w,xp. he. I bought from pc world about 18 months ago. I was hoping I could use them on a new computer. I'm a bit paranoid when it comes to anti virus, as in my early days on the computer I had to do a complete computer restore and lost all my stuff, because I wasn't protected against viruses. If I were computer literate like you guys, maybe I would try these free thingies. Thanks for your help

  SG Atlantis® 15:24 22 Feb 2006

"If I were computer literate like you guys, maybe I would try these free thingies."

I really don't know what to say to that...

Except maybe the freebies, AVG and Zone Alarm are more easy to use and configure than Norton and they cause less problems and are just as effective.

further more:

If he bought the XP from PCworld, it'll either be an upgrade or Retail version and can be moved. If you move an upgrade version you'll need an old windows disk to prove you qualify for the upgrade during install.

  blackpat 15:38 22 Feb 2006

Thanks SG, I think it's all down to confidence and when it comes to anti virus, I'm not very confident.

  spuds 16:27 22 Feb 2006

blackpat-- I think most of us, at perhaps one time or another, have been hit with the 'You have been infected' blazing from the monitor screen.

Always good to have a reliable and well recommended anti-virus programme on board.

  martjc 16:49 22 Feb 2006

it's free for home use and upgrades itself whenever necessary. Bite the bullet and try it! It's o.k. People on this forum would not give you bad advice!

Good luck!

  blackpat 06:07 23 Feb 2006

Thanks all, I'm sure the people here wouldn't give me bad advice.As I said, I have recently installed Norton is 2006 and all the extra gubbings, so while I get my monies worth, I will look into the free anti viruses etc. and when my norton runs out, maybe give it a shot. Once again, thanks all for your advice,

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