New Computer, How to install a Floppy??

  Green 1 01:47 27 Sep 2006

I have just got a new computer and need a floppy drive in it for some of my older stuff, I have one in my old computer, can I just unplug it and put it in the new one and it recognise it or is it a bios job and thus far beyond me. I`m not at all techie but I think I could do a swap myself, or would it be easier to buy a USB floppy and connect that? Many thanks for any replies I may get.

  User-312386 07:41 27 Sep 2006

It's normally just pop it in and plug the power and floppy cable in

  €dstowe 07:54 27 Sep 2006

None of my computers have a floppy drive and, on the very rare occasions there is need to use one, we have a USB floppy that we can transfer from one machine to another as necessary.

If you are at all unsure about delving inside your computer, you would be best getting a USB type.

  €dstowe 07:56 27 Sep 2006
  €dstowe 07:58 27 Sep 2006

I keep pressing the post button too soon.

I meant to add that some motherboards don't have a floppy connector on them now. If that's the case with yours, USB is just about the only way to go.

  Batch 09:09 27 Sep 2006

A USB memory stick always comes in handy at some point and you can get 256Mb for a few pounds these days. As long as your old PC has USB ports (new one surely must have), it is the best way (and a hell of a lot quicker).

  Green 1 02:07 28 Sep 2006

Many thanks for the very helpful replies, you really are a kind bunch. I shall take the easy option and get a USB one, I do this for ease and so as to not void my warranty. Once again, many thanks, Brian.

  terryf 02:16 28 Sep 2006

I suspect that you wouldn't have voided your warranty by installing an extra peripheral i.e a floppy disk, targa for instance put a seal on their PCs but say that taking off the seal only means that you can't claim for missing parts

  Shmueli 03:02 28 Sep 2006

How many times are you going to be using the floppy driv?
If only a few times, you might want to save the space, and, if you ever get a new computer you can switch it ez.
i liked cdstowe's thing.-}

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