hiwatt 10:51 02 May 2007

Hi all,my girlfriend got a new computer with windows vista on it.It had vista installed but no disc of any sort,should there be one?Also it has an aol and bt icon on the desktop can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?I cant access msconfig to stop them from running.Thanks.

  wee eddie 11:01 02 May 2007

Also, which your girl's ISP is.

Not having a Windows Disk is quite usual now. It is on a hidden Partition.

As shortcuts they should be deletable in the normal way.

  hiwatt 11:16 02 May 2007

The computer was just bought yesterday and we've still to find a broadband supplier.With aol and bt being installed on the pc does this mean it will have to be one of them?

  hiwatt 11:18 02 May 2007

I meant to ask if msconfig is availiable on vista.I can't see a "run" option in the start box.

  Belatucadrus 11:35 02 May 2007

When you say the icons are on the desktop, do you mean the Taskbar ? The presence of an icon on the desktop isn't indicative of a running process. Have a look in Add or remove programs, they may show up there or they could simply be shortcuts to an install routine and until activated aren't doing anything. Either way, they don't limit your choice of ISP.

  hiwatt 11:46 02 May 2007

Belatucadrus,the icons are present in the takbar and on the main screen(desktop)I'm just wondering why aol or bt programs are installed on a computer just out the box?

  tullie 11:58 02 May 2007

For the Run option hold down windows button and press R

  wee eddie 12:33 02 May 2007

You will probably find Special Offers from both BT and AOL.

  wee eddie 12:33 02 May 2007

You will probably find Special Offers from both BT and AOL.

  Belatucadrus 14:07 02 May 2007

Because the manufacturers are sponsored by the ISPs to add them. Worst were Tiny and Time, they even tied the modem settings to their ISP, took a lot of fiddling with to unlock.
Being a confirmed Vista Luddite I can't offer advice on specifics, but can only recommend trying tullies tip, check the Add/Remove possibilities and as wee eddie said, read the bumph there may be the option of burning your own Windows/setup disk and if there is it should be treated as a priority task.

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