New computer guts, drivers and BIOS setup?

  Verdani 01:03 03 Sep 2006

I'm replacting essentuially my computer, but not quite all of it. I'm ditching my motherboard, processor, memory (going DDR2), PSU, and case. I'm keeping my hard drives (one for my operating system and one with all of my files on it) and optical drives. I think I can figure out the motherboard connections and such, it's the software that I'm worried about. I have a couple main questions - I would senceirely appreciate your assistance.

1: The operating system. I'm running a non-OEM copy of Win XP Pro (I had to get rid of my OEm Win XP Home, apparently Dell OSes don't run on custom non-OEM PCs) right now. When I get all of my stuff hooked up, what's going to happen? Won't Windows freak out and self-destruct in the panic of booting up to find a new.. everything, literally? Would there be a considerable advantage to formatting first (or would that lead to more problems)?

2: Drivers - I'm used to the Dell drivers CD for just about everything. Namely, graphics, networking (I'm on a LAN), and sound. Will a driver CD that comes with the motherboard include jsut about anything I may need?

I realize the situation may not be predictable in every way since hardware varies in so many ways, but I would appreciate any input you may have. If it helps, I'll link to the main hardware components to be included. That's below - Thanks a lot in advance!

(click here) - Motherboard

(click here) - Processor

(click here) - Case/PSU

(click here) - Memory

  Strawballs 01:11 03 Sep 2006

1. Yes formatt and install your new retail XP Pro

2. All the drivers that you need will be on the Mobo disc for everything that is onboard.

So set your bios to boot from cd rom put your new O/S disc in reboot and follow instructions install new O/S then run your MoBo disc and that should work.

  Verdani 01:32 03 Sep 2006

So if I got that, I should format my OS hard drive just before doing the move? When it's all connected, then, and I turn it on without and OS installed.. what happens? Will it being me to the BIOS? If so, then I can jsut change the boot order and restart with the OS cd in - and then the OS should install and I simply install the motherboard drivers and such. Do you have any tips or corrections to my interpretation?

Thanks a lot for the info!

  terryf 04:00 03 Sep 2006

When you have done a clean re-install, back this up using Drive Image or similar before it gets messed up. Only takes Drive Image 15 mins to restore a clean system onto your C drive

  Verdani 07:31 04 Sep 2006

Terryf, this Drive Image program will create a backup of a clean install, then? So is this something I could do when I've got everything set up and the most recent Windows Updates installed? Does it backup to DVD or what?

The main question has been answered, thanks guys!

  Verdani 00:33 17 Sep 2006

Thanks again! The computer is up and running - except for the operating system, which is becoming an issue (see: click here), but otherwise the hardware configureation seems to be working out.

  terryf 00:36 17 Sep 2006

You are unlikely to do an acronis full backup to a DVD (4.7 gb) my last backup was 5.5 gb on to my ext usb drive

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