new computer a 'dud'

  Astrid 16:09 07 Feb 2011

My new Acer Aspire Ethos 8943G was ordered on Thursday and arrived, amazingly, on Friday, which was less than 24 hours from putting in the order. I tried to set up Windows 7 on Saturday and it began to and then froze. A technician, who was here to deliver a new router, helped me then to actually set Windows 7 up successfully but after he had gone the computer froze again. I had the same person look at it on Sunday, spending more than three hours trying, eventually restoring it to factory state. It seemed to be going well, but then stalled again and eventually failed. There were multiple messages during these processes, i.e constant disk errors, and faulty driver updates, but this was a computer I've never used. The place I bought it from, online, had someone call today to take it back for inspection. What are my statuary rights in this situation? At this stage I feel I don't even trust a replacement, and I certainly don't want a 'repaired' computer that I've never used. Also, I've had the expense of having it looked at by local technician before I've ever used it.

  onthelimit 16:34 07 Feb 2011

All you need to know here click here.

Shame you spent money on it, and I'm not sure if the work will affect your rights.

  mooly 17:40 07 Feb 2011

That's a tough one to answer really as it's impossible to diagnose at a distance what's happening.

This may help for future reference, or perhaps help if you do another factory reset on the Acer.

A friend recently got a Toshiba laptop and the first I ended up doing a reset on that. There was just so much stuff trying to update etc all at once. Not just Windows but all the junk software and Toshiba stuff.

So before setting up the wireless connnection I turned off Windows update so I could deal with all the other stuff. Then set WU to notify only... that way I could see what was attempting to install.
Drivers I am wary of... WU doesn't always get it right and problems occur.

Hope you get it sorted... Acers are very good machines on the whole... in fact it's what I have been on for the last 4+ years.

  GaT7 17:45 07 Feb 2011

That looks to be an expensive laptop & your experience is unacceptable. I would be looking for a full refund & buying something else from elsewhere. G

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