New computer from Aldi,Any good???

  steveo1052 05:18 21 Nov 2005

Hi there
I see that Aldi are selling another one of their superb computer deals from Thursday,see here click here.
I wondered what everyone thinks about this spec,i think it is excellent for £749.99 but am a little unsure about the graphics card that comes with it,as you can see from the link it`s a NVIDIA® G-FORCETM 6700XL HIGH-END DVI/VGA GRAPHICS CARD which to be honest with you i`ve never heard of that model.I currently have a 6600gt,is there any difference between these cards.

  interzone55 09:25 21 Nov 2005

I can't find any mention of a GeForce 6700 card either on or click here

There is a 5700 card, which is a lot slower than your 600GT.

The PC spec seems OK, but I don't know why it has a DVB-T (freeview) and DVB-S (satellite) tuner, surely one or the other would suffice.

  Stuartli 10:02 21 Nov 2005

One or two previous models have had two tuners; presumably to cover all eventualities. However, there were a lot of configuration problems about 12 to 18 months ago with one of the Philips chipset equipped TV cards.

The graphics is described as:

nVidia® G-ForceTM 6700XL graphics processor with 525mhz 128MB PCI Express x16 bus concept

in the only link I can find. Wondering if it should be 6800?

  flyingbrit 10:06 21 Nov 2005

here you go, it's in Chinese tho' here

  Stuartli 10:27 21 Nov 2005

I note from the specs that it has THREE dual tuners - digital, satellite and analogue.

Presumably not heard of hybrid digital/analogue TV cards then?

  interzone55 13:22 21 Nov 2005

Windows Media Centre now has support for 2 Tuner cards (which if you have 2 x Dual Tuner cards you can record 4 channels).

I think most software will have a problem coping with three separate cards, even configuring software for 2 cards can be a nightmare.

Having spent a couple of years working for Time Group I know that these sort of PCs are built down to a price. Many suppliers are virtually giving away analogue cards, so separate DVB-T & Analogue cards probably work out cheaper than a combined card.

I'm still having difficulty working out why it would have a DVB-S card, don't people normally hook up satalite tuners via the video of a normal TV card?

  Stuartli 13:47 21 Nov 2005

A number of manufacturers offer internal and external TV cards for satellite (and cable) use.

However, I only use a Freeview PCI TV card as I have no interest whatsoever in helping to maintain a certain Mr Murdoch's lifestyle.

Nor do I see the point in paying a large sum of money every month for hundreds of TV and radio channels, despite the fact that I can only watch one of them at any given time and, perhaps, record another if the means is available.

  littlemissy 23:04 22 Nov 2005

I am going to buy one of this new computers on Thursday unless anyone posts a warning message not too!!

I have the 18 month old medion pc from aldi and today i once again had the graphics card and motherboard fixed. i asked the guy who fixed it if they were a problem and he said they had 'lots' of problems because they were made for medion and were basically rubbish!! it has been a good pc though, with lots of features.

i like the idea of a getting the extra data bay and the laser engraving on the DVD sounds fantasic!

I have also had problems with my tv card, it did work but it was hard work, i gave up bothering. I was thinking of getting rid of a TV, DVD player etc and using this model as a replacement? maybe its not a good idea?

  interzone55 10:26 23 Nov 2005

So your saying that despite the fact that you've had the motherboard & graphics card replaced several times, and you've had problems setting up the TV card, you're going to buy another PC from the same manufacturer.

Nothing like lokking on the bright side eh...

Anyway, Medion is the German equivalent of Time Computers, all their PCs are made with the cheapest components, therefore failure rate is quite high. But in the same way as Time Computers, if you were one of the lucky people who got a PC that worked the you got a fantastic PC that was great value for money.

  DerekR 10:37 23 Nov 2005

Never had a failure on either of my two Medions - both bought from Toys R Us by the way, one badged as a Cybermaxx, the newer one a pure Medion - both fantastic value, and never a hint of trouble from either of them.

My newest one, with a P4 3.4ghz handles just about anything I can throw at it!!

I'd recommend them to anyone

  Dipso 21:19 23 Nov 2005

"...all their PCs are made with the cheapest components"

My Medion contains branded components and I would definitely not compare them to Time.

The PC is 2 years old now and has 1 year warranty left, not that I have needed it. I will be replacing it with another Medion if ALDI do a similar deal in a years time.

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