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  amonra 10:29 28 Apr 2008

I gave up building my own computers years ago when the price of building exceed Dell's quotes.
Now number one daughter has asked for advice on what to buy. Her 4/5 year old computer is dying !
She doesn't need a really high spec gaming machine, it will be used mainly for MS Word docs and general office duties and the occasional Command and Conquer game. A large HD, DVD writer, wireless capabilities, and at least 4 USB ports. Dell machines as a preference. Cant think of any other specific need, just a good solid reliable machine. Your suggestions please ????

  xania 10:50 28 Apr 2008

When you say its dying, what exactly is the problem? If the PC has worked ok up to now, it may only need to be wiped down and the OS reinstalled, which would save all that expenditure.

  amonra 11:18 28 Apr 2008

It's dying because of very small HD (40G) not a lot of memory, slow CPU, time for a new one.
PS. and Dad's paying !

  xania 14:54 28 Apr 2008

If you must buy, then go for the lowest spec current Dell, and see if you can get it without a monitor if the current one is OK. click here

But, IMHO, also see if you can get it with Windows XP rather than Vista, otherwise you may have to update peripherals - modem/printer/scanner etc.

  GaT7 16:34 28 Apr 2008

The cheapest Dell PCs are usually Vostros, but there are exceptions sometimes (see below).

You didn't say if she needs a monitor or not. Anyway here's 3 with NO monitor to consider in the meantime....

Add a PCI-E graphics card (GPU) from elsewhere as Dell's upgrades are quite overpriced. E.g. a 7600GS for £31-32 delivered, or a 8400GS for around the same price click here.

And remember to select XP if preferred (& where offered).

• £227 (£220 with cashback click here) - Vostro 200 MT click here, select the 160Gb & DVD-rw drive upgrades.
- Grand Total (with GPU upgrade) = £250-260

• £305 (£294 with cashback) - Vostro 400 DT click here, select the DVD-rw drive upgrade.
- Comes with ONE Terabyte (!!) hard drive space, & 1Gb more RAM.
- Grand Total (with GPU upgrade) = £325-335

• £359 (347 with cashback) - Inspiron 530 click here, DE-select the monitor.
- Comes with a QUAD-core CPU & 500Gb hard drive, which is probably overkill for her needs - but great value nevertheless.
- Grand Total (possibly NO GPU upgrade required) = £359

If you need a monitor (except for the last PC, which you could go for the one there), here's a good 19" widescreen for £92 click here, & get free delivery from click here. G

  GaT7 16:35 28 Apr 2008

7600GS link click here. G

  amonra 19:44 28 Apr 2008

Many thanks for your time and trouble and suggestions. I think we are more or less settled on a Vostro 400DT with XP.
Thank you all for your suggestions, daughter will be pleased and father out of pocket ! Ticked as Resolved.

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