A new Computer........but

  jack 20:39 10 Feb 2010

One of my flock has purchased a barebones machine from Novatech and has invited me to go help set it up.
This I hope to do tomorrow[Thursday 11th]
A Puzzlement before we start.
It appears there are no PS2 ports
So a get you start essential for getting things under way in my old experience is missing.
If as I assume it is all USB now, and USB depends on an operating system- How to we get the ball rolling?

  retep888 20:59 10 Feb 2010

Modern Bios nowaday supports USB before windows kicks in,don't worry.

  User-312386 22:54 10 Feb 2010

Hi jack. Just go into the bios and enable legacy usb support

  jack 08:10 11 Feb 2010

Thats how it gets one.
The dream suggested that USB had now moved from O/S to firmware on the chipset
From your remarks the dream had the answer
Thanx guys

  jack 18:52 11 Feb 2010

Ok- USB wireless KB/Rodent worked fine.
Installed windows from XP Pro disk
As this a new machine -as yet not formatted- Xp asked
Partition- well as it and its companion are 1Tb each seemed silly to decode all that to O/S to yes
50/50 for -0 -primary
leave -1 -As is
So off it went took forever to format- at least 2 cups of coffee- and then Windows loaded, and all was hunkydory- well it work
But 1.5 Tb of hard drive not showing.
Well of course not - they weren't formatted and Window set up did not as I recall give one the opportunity
The BIOS- Intel KG1BK10J shows 2 drives but cannot seem to get to t hem to format.
Any ideas?
Would good old F/disk loaded onto a stick get us any where?

  retep888 19:28 11 Feb 2010

Go to control panel,administrative tools, disk management, right click all the unallocated drives and format.

  jack 20:07 11 Feb 2010

I am getting a toutch of the Terry Pratchett
Will attend forthwith - well next Monday when I go see him again
Thank you

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