New Computer

  Pitsea 17:03 20 Dec 2005

Please help. At the ripe age of 72 I intend to by a new computer, what specification [& make]should I go for, I would like a 19" screen, I do a bit of surfing, send emails, Bank online, and write letters, your help would be appreciated. Pitsea

  SG Atlantis® 17:13 20 Dec 2005

You won't need that much in terms of hardware spec to get you going. How much money have you got to spend?


  Pitsea 17:29 20 Dec 2005

I was thinking in the region of £4-£500. Pitsea

  Diemmess 17:40 20 Dec 2005

If your present computer runs XP then why change it? You can spend a part of your budget on a good 19" monitor.

If you do buy new, keep it simple, but go with a company that gives unequivocal customer support. You may not need it, but if you do, that support is worth more than it costs you.

  SG Atlantis® 17:40 20 Dec 2005

something like click here

talk to them instore and ask about upgrading to 19inch. They charged me £40 to go from 17inch to 19inch about a month ago.

  palinka 22:40 20 Dec 2005

or if you've got a local independent computer shop try that. There are 2 near me and they both provide good customer support.

  Diemmess 10:20 21 Dec 2005

That is what I would do....... BUT only if you know and trust the shop.

Within 6 miles from my rural seat, there are 2 shops. One is a fountain of help and knowledge and is only slightly more expensive than average mail order, but with added friendly support and no courier to pay.
The other in a different town in the other diresction..... is the epitome of what is worst about buying locally... Useless with advice and guaranteed to cost double the price anywhere else!

It really is a case of buyer beware

  amonra 20:54 21 Dec 2005

Yes, definitely try your local dealer first. Drop in for a chat and ask advice. I think most people will soon realise who is trying to "flannel" the buyer. Your local dealer is always there for help and you wont be in a queue for an 0870 number help-line. Good luck.

  Dellman 11:18 29 Dec 2005

Unequivocal Customer service?........hmmmm...ok.....maybe MESH not your best bet then!!

  stylehurst 13:47 29 Dec 2005

Novatech are worth a look, good service & prices and very helpful staff if you have to contact them

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