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  David-337710 13:20 15 Mar 2005

I am going to buy a new computer and have been trying to find out which companies are reliable, both the computer and service. I bought my last one from PC World and was not very happy. When looking at forums it appears most companies have horror stories. Is there one that stands out or is it just pot luck (I don't have the luck of the Irish).

  rawprawn 13:25 15 Mar 2005

It's probably a bit of pot luck, but some seem to have more problems than others. I have a Dell and I have been very happy witj the build quality, & the service. I'm sure there will be those who would disagree but I would buy another one.

  David-337710 13:31 15 Mar 2005

I have heard that Dells service is not so good now that they have moved their call centre to India. Is this true, as I would like to be able to get the service easily when/if I need it.

  Fingees 13:52 15 Mar 2005

Dell are good, but cater more for business, so tend to be pricey

Visit click here.
They are first class, and you can see spec on line. If you're not happy you can return. No problem

  rawprawn 08:08 16 Mar 2005

About a year after I first got the Dell I found a small problem and rang their help line which turned out to be in India. Not only did the guy there talk me through changing the registry setting to cure the problem, but he rang back about a week later to see if everything was still OK. That's what I call service from whichever country is taking the calls for assistance.

  rawprawn 08:12 16 Mar 2005

PS. The only thing that failed was the CD/DVD RW (Samsung)on which the laser burnt out after 2 years. My computer is now 2½ years old with no other problems at all.

  alan227 09:37 16 Mar 2005

Evesham & Novatech seem to get good reviews.

  sattman 13:00 16 Mar 2005

Found this firm very good on price and technical support

click here

  WallyD 13:17 16 Mar 2005

Go round to ALDI tomorrow morning for the Medion computer. Brother inlaw purchased a previous model and its been great.Had slight trouble after a few months with the keyboard which was replaced.He could contact the firm by phone and received good help.Plus you also have 3year guarantee. Note: the monitor is not in the price.

  David-337710 11:06 17 Mar 2005

Thank you very much for advice. It seems all companies have good and bad points, a lot depends on luck of the draw. I think I'll go for Evesham as there is a store around the corner from me so I can go and camp out if anything goes too badly wrong.

  Andsome 11:15 17 Mar 2005

Go to a small local computer shop, and discuss your requirements with them. They will build you one to an exact spec to suit you. It will probably be ready within a week. Any problems, you will not have to wait on a premium rate phone line for hours to speak to someone. Apart from a home build, I would NOT consider any other way of buying a computer.

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