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  User-AF7CB573-9FE2-4318-B7E77F6641C8BFB7 11:17 06 Mar 2005

What specification do I need to edit video and burn to dvd

I have a lot of video on dv tape also on svhs which I would like to put onto dvd.
My computer at the moment is a Mesh 3 year old
but when using Nero it drops frames.
The new computer would only be used for capturing and dvd burning. no screen needed what card for capturing Svhs.

  FelixTCat 11:33 06 Mar 2005

The most important thing is lots of memory - 1 GB should be OK, but more would be better.

Then a large hard disk; 2 SATA diska would be better than one; another small hard disk to act as the swap ile disk (virtual memory) would also be useful, otherwise make a small (2 GB) partition on the drive that DOESN'T have the sysem on it and use that for the virtual memory. You could set up the 2 hard disks in a striped RAID which might be faster, but I am never confident about striped RAID - if one disk fails, you lose the lot!

Finally, a fast processor. I have heard that Pentiums (Pentia?) are faster for this task. Again, if you are serious about this, consider a dual-processor set-up, but make sure that the software can take advantage of this first.

I can't advise on the graphics card - you might be better off with a more specialised card; you don't need the latest and fastest nVidia or ATI chipsets.

Thanks will now look on the Mesh website for anything that matches

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