New comp - Problems - Please help

  rods 21:20 17 May 2005


My dad has just bought a new Winfast K8S 760MG motherboard and a new AMD 64 processor, all already installed in a new case.

I have put his old hard drive in which had previous copy of xp home installed.

I am trying to boot from CD to enable a fresh installation however it will not boot from CD??

I have gone into bios and made it 1st boot device and still no joy.

It loads in safe mode to desktop, but not on normal boot just comes up a blue screen error, which i expected.

Any one help pleaseeeee

  mattyc_92 21:43 17 May 2005

Ok, so you have enabled the following boot from settings??


1st = CD/DVD ROM

2nd = Floppy Disk

3rd = Hard-Drive


I use these settings in my bois, and I have the option of booting from either floppy or cd/dvd....

There SHOULD be a message saying something like

"Press any key to boot from CD...."

If you don't get this, then your bois isn't configured correctly.... You could try "restoring the bois to factory settings" by either taking the CMOS battery out and leaving it out for around 10 minutes or use the Jumper to restore which will take 30 seconds instead (most nre motherboards have this jumper)

  stalion 21:45 17 May 2005

try here click here

  rods 21:49 17 May 2005


1st = CD/DVD ROM

2nd = Floppy Disk

3rd = Hard-Drive

Yep exactly in that order

There SHOULD be a message saying something like

"Press any key to boot from CD...."

I know what you mean but that is not appearing that is what i do not understand.

How would i do the jumper thing you are saying?

Thanks for you reply mate.

Stallion, i did think of that but cant get my Floppy drive to work either! it lights up but says error (40) on boot up???

Cheers guys

  DieSse 21:53 17 May 2005

"cant get my Floppy drive to work either! it lights up but says error (40) on boot up???"

You've probably fitted the cable wrongly. f the light is on all the time on the floppy, turn the connector round at the drive end.

There is a "twist" in the cable near one end - this is the end that should be at the drive. Do not use the middle connector - only the two end ones.

  stalion 21:54 17 May 2005

more info here on booting from cd also links if you are having problems click here:

  mattyc_92 21:54 17 May 2005

That may mean that your floppy disk drive isn't installed correctly... Just try removing the cables from it and insert the "ribbon" cable the other way around...

As for the jumpers, you need to look at your Motherboard's instruction manual to see if you can do this with it and where the jumper is located...

You should notice that if the jumper does exist, it will be near the CMOS battery (silver disk)...

If you don't have this jumper setting, just remove the CMOS Battery for around 10 minutes to reset the bios....

  DieSse 21:55 17 May 2005

If you have the Cd cabled wrongly, it can't boot from it, and will boot from the hard drive instead.

So does the CD show as found in the BIOS when you power up?

Recheck the cabling to the CD Drive.

  DieSse 21:59 17 May 2005

There's a faint red stripe along one edge of all ribbon (data) cables. This is the edge where Pin1 is. Make sure that on you motherboard you have the cable in the correct way round.

On CD Drives, Pin 1 s next to the power connector. Floppy drives are different - you need to check on the drive where Pin 1 is.

  rods 22:01 17 May 2005

Thanks for all your suggestions and time helping guys - im trying all above as soon as i send this reply.

Thanks For links Stallion - looking into.

Thanks DieSse and matty i will check cabling.

In safe mode the floppy and the cd drive are there under My Computer and the CD drive loads CD's, but the floppy says no disk inserted.

I will recheck the cabling though.

Will update soon


  woodchip 22:04 17 May 2005

Doubt you will get it to boot like that as it will not recognise the computer. The drive is out of a completely different computer and all hardware Drivers etc are different

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