new comp good old one bad

  tusk 21:46 08 Mar 2011

okay heres one to solve just had bt infinity set up at home speed test show the following desktop with b/g rated wireless adaptor 13.2 old laptop with mini adaptor 13.2 new laptop with n rated adaptor 39.7 all are wireless the first 2 run xp the third win 7 why the differencesurely all should be able to attain the higher speed

  mgmcc 22:23 08 Mar 2011

What are these speeds supposed to be?

- Megabits or Megabytes?
- Wireless connection speed between adapter and router?
- Internet download speeds?

  tusk 22:53 08 Mar 2011

which ever is the bigger. we checked the speeds while the bt engineer was here he was happy with the 39.7 but surpised haow slow the other 2 were but had no answer

  Ashrich 00:51 09 Mar 2011

I think a wireless G ( 54mb/s ) connection would struggle to put through a nearly 40mb/s signal , the 54 number is theoretical , actual throughput would be considerably lower , roughly a third to half of the connection speed .

A couple of cheap " N " adapters might do the trick , they can receive and transmit much quicker .


  tusk 05:20 09 Mar 2011

while it would seem to make sense as in up grade to n rated adaptors the engineer was saying that he had upgraded many houses but had never seen such a poor response and to find 2 in the same house was a bit strange . which leads me to think that perhaps as i am the person who has "looked after" these 2 slow machines perhaps it is something i have done as opposed to the fast one being new and not under my control

  Ashrich 23:55 09 Mar 2011

As I said , a 54mb/s connection to a router will never achieve a near 40mb/s throughput , after overheads and network collisions you would get about half to a third , the fact you are getting 13ish from similar machines shows that older hardware although efficient can't keep up with the faster pace of modern kit .

What make of wireless adapters are the two older machines using ?


  tusk 15:13 10 Mar 2011

okay guys thanks all for your words have sorted it by buying an n rated adaptor runs like a dream at 34mb on an old xp

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