New cd/dvd burner NEC nd4550 No softwear

  Liverbird 22:21 05 May 2006

I bought the burner above at savastores on the web because I'd read a review that looked good and it was cheap. But I dissapointed that I didn't get any software with it, or even instructions. I presume this as because it was in a plain wrapper, with no instructions (I forget the term you use for these). I'm burning dvd's at the mo' with an old Nero programme. Should I have bought some software from savastores at the same time? I've looked at the more recent Nero offering and its more than I want to pay, but surely I should have had the option to purchase something like that at a reduced price. This is the first batch of up-grading I've done. I'm pleased on the whole, but still learning. Any thoughts from people who are more experienced buyers than me.

  Liverbird 22:22 05 May 2006

I meant software (I'm not going to wear it :) )

  terryf 22:25 05 May 2006

Try your friendly local computer shop and see if you can get an OEM copy of nero, mine came with the computer and was priced £3.70 inc vat or see if savastores will sell you one. Mine is marked 'bundle with cd/dvd recorder only, not for resale'

  SG Atlantis® 22:26 05 May 2006

the term's OEM.

What version of Nero? 6 can be picked up for less than two quid for an OEM disk online.

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:28 05 May 2006

What you have got is exactly what you would expect from an OEM drive. If you wanted the extras you should have paid the extra for a full retail package.

  Liverbird 22:29 05 May 2006

I didn't notice the OEM copy which was on the site until after I'd recieved delivery. As I said I'd expected to get software (more fool me). I'll ask savastores, but I've had the drive about three months so maybe too late. Thanks anyway Terry

  Mr Mistoffelees 22:29 05 May 2006

Lots of OEM software cheap on eBay, but care needed to weed out the illegal copies.

  Liverbird 22:33 05 May 2006

I realise that now Mr Mistoffelees! As I said I'm new to this. We have to start somewhere don't we? And I'm a quick learner, once bitten twice shy as they say

  woodchip 22:33 05 May 2006

Some versions Of NERO OEM are locked to the Burner that you get with them So it may be the same just getting OEM NERO it may not work with your Burner

  Liverbird 22:34 05 May 2006

I'll get in touch with savastores, see what they say

  Simsy 10:05 06 May 2006

"I'm burning dvd's at the mo' with an old Nero programme."...

So you've already got Nero.

I'm a little confused... doesn't this work with your new burner, or is this in a different PC?



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