new case(simbadda s4/s5), old mobo (halley)

  llbgeezer 18:50 26 Mar 2004

hiya guys
i have bought a new case (it was a birthday present to me) with a nice looking l.e.d screen on the front and i was hoping that i would be able to put my old motherboard in the new case... thing is; the new case internal connectors have me baffled
in the old case the front panel connector was a 9 pin header, and in the new one it is a clutch of 2 pin headers and l.e.d's!!
I have a schematic of the front panel header which shows things like irtx,irp,irrx,fpslp (front panel sleep?),fp but in (front panel button in?),hda,hdrblnkyel... but what do these things mean ?? they certainly dont relate to the single pins i have identified as data1 (2 off), data 2 (2 off), shield and vcc
Also, I have extra fans requiring power (3pins) but i only have 4 pin shrouds available, can i plug these 3 pins into the 4 pins shrouds without ill effect ?
If anyone is gonna be able to help it would be such a relief, thanks, vic

  Gongoozler 19:39 26 Mar 2004

Hi llbgeezer. The basic front panel functions are generally simple to decipher, they are 2 switches (power and reset), 2 LEDs (power and hdd) and speaker. With front panel USB, there is added to this 2 sets of 5V, 0V, data+ amd data-. then some cases also have firewire and audio sockets. Yours also has a led display, so what the connectors for that could be one can only guess.

irtx is Infrared transmitter, irrx is Infrared receiver.

I would guess that hda is hard disk activity. hdrblnkyel could be hard drive blinking yellow.

data1 (2 off), data 2 (2 off), shield and vcc sounds like the USB functions I referred to above.

The fans need to be connected to the power and ground pins. the worst that can go wrong with these is that they may go backwards. They can even be run from a 12V drive power connector. The cpu is the only exception because it may have a speed monitoring pin.

  llbgeezer 21:07 26 Mar 2004

thats cleared up some of my questions, can i ask do you know what the 'chassis intrusion header' is?
and what if i wire these strange pins incorrectly?

  Paranoid Android 12:08 27 Mar 2004

Chassis intruder detection header is designed to go to a microswitch on the case. This is sometimes used in office PCs to detect if the case has been opened.

If you don't connect it, all that will happen is the BIOS will think the case is open all the time - no biggie.


  Paranoid Android 13:17 27 Mar 2004

Nice looking case. click here click here

Text is mostly in English even without Korean language pack.


  Gongoozler 20:16 27 Mar 2004

Hi again llbgeezer. I was jusyt looking at your other thread, and thought that as the discussion has wandered back to this topic it would be better to continue in this thread.

I think part of your problem it that you are trying to fit the multiple connectors from your new sophisticated case to the pins on a fairly basic old motherboard, so it isn't surprising that some of the motherboard connectors have nowhere to go.

Most cases don't have a single multiway case connector because there isn't a standard layout for the motherboard pins. The major computer makers often have a specific version of a motherboard made for them, and because they know what to expect in the motherboard pin layout it makes economic sense to wire the motherboard cables into a single multiway socket.

If you can identify those pins on the motherboard that you want to connect to, and those case connectors that need a home, this will help you match the two together. To get the computer working, the only case connections you need are Power switch and Case speaker. Also useful are Reset switch, Hdd led and Power led, but they are not essential. The other connections can follow later. If you don't have an IRDA connector on your motherboard, you won't find anywhere to plug irtx or irrx.

  llbgeezer 20:25 27 Mar 2004

so i need a new motherboard, i thought as much.. in the meantime have you any idea which way round these things go? my wifes pc has the two pin connectors on the right hand side only/left side only plus multiway sockets which doesnt help me!

i cant even get the thing to power up because the front panel power connector goes on which pins?

  Gongoozler 20:51 27 Mar 2004

If you download the motherboard manual click here, it clearly identifies the front panel connector JFP1 pin functions.

  Gongoozler 20:54 27 Mar 2004

This is also a useful job for your multimeter, set it to Ohms, and check that the socket in the case cable that you think is the power switch shorts when the power switch is pressed and opens as soon as the switch is released.

  llbgeezer 20:55 27 Mar 2004

i have downloaded it and when it opened it was some mostly blank window : i am using windows me but that shouldnt make a difference should it

  Gongoozler 21:11 27 Mar 2004

It shouldn't matter what version of Windows you have. When you download the file, it should be a self extracting exe file. This will unzip to give a number of pdf files. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. I downloaded the file for the MSI 6340M version and found the JFP1 on page 2.8 of the file 6340M-2.pdf

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