New card reader won't read the card. Help!

  Cybermaxx 10:51 06 Nov 2005

My camera uses an XD Picture Card. yesterday I bought a Jessops Universal Card Reader. It only has one lead, one end plugs into the back of the card reader, and the other one goes into an USB port on my PC. I plugged it in and have received the New Hardware Installed message. All good so far, yes?

Right. I've taken a few snaps with my digi. cam., accessed My Computer as per the instructions with the card reader, and inserted the card into the relevant slot. Nothing happens. I have eight removable storage icons lettered from H to O. O is the only one that responds to clicking on it.

Clicking on O brings this response, "The disc in drive O is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?" I don't! But I don't see any other options! Anyway, selecting "Yes" brings up a format menu in which the the capacity is given as 125MB (my card is a 128MB version). It then puts up the message, "The disc is write protected!", then "The disc in drive O cannot be formatted".

I just want to load my snaps into the computer! What the heck is going on? Sorry if this post is overlong, but I don't see how I can shorten it.

  Stuartli 10:58 06 Nov 2005

If you are not using XP then you will need to install your particular operating system's drivers for your card reader.

XP automatically recognises card readers etc and you will initially discover, as you have, which drive letter is used for which particular memory card slot.

  Cybermaxx 11:04 06 Nov 2005

I am using Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2. I don't understand why it isn't working.

  Cybermaxx 11:12 06 Nov 2005

Could it be that I have to install some additional software? eg The Fuji disc that came with my camera? Or does Windows XP just make a new folder for my pictures? I'm a real "nooby" to all this stuff! Help x 2!

  Splork 11:21 06 Nov 2005

Have you been using the card to store pics up till now?

  Carbonara 11:24 06 Nov 2005

Random thoughts (thinking out loud):

will the XD card only fit in one slot? is it marked XD?

will the XD card only go in one way? can it be inserted with the contacts facing up or down?

as I said just random thoughts!

  Cybermaxx 11:26 06 Nov 2005

Yes, I've had the camera and XD card for a year now (it's a Fuji Finepix A330, btw). I was using the card reader on my HP printer, but that printer has conked out, so I decided to buy a card reader and forget about printing!

This should just work, shouldn't it? I mean, I don't really need to install additional software, do I? All I want is to get my pictures into the "My Pictures" folder.

  Cybermaxx 11:27 06 Nov 2005


Down only.

Should be foolproof!

  Splork 11:31 06 Nov 2005

Yes ideally it should just work straight away. Is there a write protect tab on those cards? You may need to let XP format it itself, as long as your camera is also able to format the card - in case XP's formatting prevents the camera reading the card.

  Carbonara 11:31 06 Nov 2005

only other suggestion, if convenient, take the reader and card into Jessops and have them check it out.

  Carbonara 11:33 06 Nov 2005

It is generally accepted that cards should be formatted in the camera only.

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