New cable for virgin media

  iqs 16:49 25 May 2013

Hi, I have virgin media cable ( Internet), I'm moving the router into a new room,but the cable will be to short. Can I just join a new piece to the original cable ,without effecting the signal ,or should I buy a new piece ? Also ,there are many types of cable ,but which type must I buy/use . Thank you

  BT 17:47 25 May 2013

Try searching or posting here

Cable Forum

  Woolwell 19:33 25 May 2013

Why move the router? Why not go wireless?

  mole1944 05:38 26 May 2013

As woolwell says go wireless, phone Virgin up and they will send you a wireless router free or at least £20 max easy self install as well. If you have connection problems change the channel to either 1,6,11 as other channels may be used in your location and cause problems.

  carver 10:21 26 May 2013

iqs I've found trying to join cables is just not worth it, site here enter link description here with all the different cables you could need.

If you are used to fast downloads then don't go wireless, you will notice the difference. I have 2 TV's one connected by cable and the other wireless and the buffering on the wireless is minutes not seconds.

  BT 10:44 26 May 2013


Not all computers are wireless enabled so that may not be an option.

Can't find any prices other than for the Superhub on Virgins website and they want £75 for that unless you qualify for a free one. You can however buy a wireless router pretty well anywhere for around £20 upwards. As carver says wireless can limit your speeds somewhat. Its a bit pointless having the high speeds Virgin offers if you are then limited by the wireless speed.

  martd7 11:35 26 May 2013

Jock 1e

The virgin superhub is both wireless and modem combined,they did away with the 2 seperate boxes about18month ago if memory serves me right If iqs hasnt got the superhub it can be supplied free of charge as hes an existing customer Virgin media tend to fit the new superhub next to the TV now so it can be directly connected to the tv via the internet cable,then use your pc as wireless connection through the super hub

  northumbria61 11:38 26 May 2013

In addition to the link from Carver enter link description here

  Woolwell 15:57 26 May 2013

Getting a small wireless adaptor may be as cheap as the extra cable.

  iqs 18:54 30 May 2013

Hi all Thank you for all the replies ,and sorry for the late reply ,vie been away from my PC :-( The reason for the new cable ,is because I don't think the wifi signal on the super hub is that good. I would sooner move the router to the new room so it's closer to my TV,XBOX @ PC .these device i use to stream ,so the wired connection would be better. Today I bought a 10m cable from marlins with moulded f-connectors ,I will use this and see how it effects the connection .

Many thanks

  sidecar sid 21:28 30 May 2013

Buy something like this

And replace your existing cable with it.

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