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  j999ner 20:43 23 Jan 2005

I was thinking of buying a computer for my 13yr old grandaughter and was looking at 2 in tiny with celeron processors one a 330D lga 755 the other 320D with New Prescott core.
However looking at march's pca it tells you to steer clear of celeron does that apply to these.
Also if I was buying a tiny computer would it be wise to buy back up discs or disc {novice}any advice?

  mattyc_92 20:49 23 Jan 2005

Can't advise you on Tiny computers... Never had one (but my friend used to a few years ago and it seemed fine)... The recovery disk comes with your system (that's why it is called "recovery disk" All you need to buy is the programs you want, like Office, Paint Shop Pro, Nero, etc...

***NOTE: The "recovery disk" is only given to NEW systems, not second hand systems!!****

  Technotiger 20:52 23 Jan 2005

Hi, no personal experience of Tiny, but from what I have read in various sources I would steer clear - cheap to buy but apparantly not so great when things go pearshaped.
A better bet would be to start at PC World or perhaps a smaller local pc shop near where you live. You could always go back to the shop if any problems - and there usually are!!


  AndySD 21:06 23 Jan 2005

If you buy any PC its best to get either the Full Windows CD or the backup/restore disks.

  Technotiger 22:38 23 Jan 2005


  TomJerry 23:10 23 Jan 2005

celeron processor will satisfy most home users unless your grandughter is a fast graphic intensive game crazy or video editing semi-professional

  Technotiger 23:12 23 Jan 2005

Hi, I wasn't saying steer clear of celeron, I was refering to Tiny :-))

  TomJerry 23:40 23 Jan 2005

cannot believe PCA actually said that

  Starfox 23:48 23 Jan 2005

I think Tiny will charge you for a recovery disc (abot £70)and watch that modem if your grandaughter wants to go online, it's tied to Supanet, which is o.k if you want them as your ISP.

  j999ner 12:43 24 Jan 2005

thanks for your advice very useful she's two drops slower than 200 march pca avoid celeron.

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