New build won't turn on after driver update

  Giggles93 20:06 28 Jan 2015

Finally got my final component this morning, I installed and and switched my PC on. It lived! I was so happy. I installed Windows, tried to connect to the internet to update drivers etc. Couldn't do it. I figured it could be the LAN driver, so I tried installing that from the disc provided with my mobo (and I installed a few other drivers too). So I plopped the disc in, and let it install while I went to town for like 30 minutes. I got home, found my PC off, but a light on the front was flashing (steadily, like 1 sec on 1 sec off). Since then it hasn't turned on (and the light has stopped too). Pressing the on button literally does nothing. Everything is plugged in and switched on, I've triple checked everything. What could be the problem?

Intel Core i5 4440 MSI H81M-P33 Corsair CMX8GX3M2A1600C11 XMS3 2x4GB XFX Pro Series 450w

I've also tried taking everything out and shorting it with a screwdriver. Nothing. Also tried the PSU with a paperclip and it seemed to power up.

  daxian 20:10 28 Jan 2015

sounds like its gone into sleep mode while you where away ... unplug the tower and press the power switch ,then plug back in and power on . hope this helps ...

  Giggles93 21:06 28 Jan 2015

That's not the problem; I've had it out of the case and unplugged since and still it won't power on.

  robin_x 22:59 28 Jan 2015

It needs to all be connected and plugged in, but the mains socket switch off.

Then press and hold the power button in for a minute or two.

That guarantees the PSU capacitors are drained sufficiently.

Not saying that will work, but it's the correct technique.

  daxian 23:19 28 Jan 2015

psu new ???? try another !!! @robin either way will work ,or always has for me in 10 years in the profession.

  Giggles93 12:44 29 Jan 2015

So the problem is probably the PSU? I might know someone who could lend me one to test that!

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