New Build Troubles - Kingston Ram & M/Board Issues

  rbolwell2 21:43 13 Mar 2005

Hi, I am building a new PC and am having a few troubles.

I have built countless PCs and this is what I do as a business. I am having trouble with one specific make of Board.

ok here goes, the system I am building in as below.

MIDI Tower With 420W Arianet PSU
ASUS A7600-x AGP 8X Serial ATA DDR400 Support
AMD Athlon XP 3200+ Barton
Matched Pair 512 KVR400X64C3A/512 (1024MB Total)
Maxtor DiamondMax 10 200GB SATA150 HDD
Saphire RADEON 9200 SE ATLANTIS 128MB DDR Memory.

I have tested everything and all is fine. I have different combinations of components all to no avail.

I only have one Type of Memory chip at the moment andthat is kingston value ram. I have various speed and sizes but these do not work on the board either.

does anyone know if the board has compatibillty issued with the kingstons? what else could it be? am i overlooking something minor/major with this board. I am foxed, I have built dozens and dozens of PCs but have not had this trouble before.

I have managed to insatal Windows XP, but havent got close to the Logon screen and everytime i try to reinstall stop errors appear.

Richard Bolwell

  dan11 23:53 13 Mar 2005

Do you mean the Asus A7V600-x motherboard?

The kingston ram is on the qalified vendor list.
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So compatability with the ram should not be a problem, unless the ram is faulty?

  dan11 00:14 14 Mar 2005

Having a quick flick through the manual, are you sure it will take a pair of Kingston's. It does state that it will only take one module of 512Mb pc3200, depending on the make of the ram. Some makes it will take a pair of 512's.
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have you tried it with just 1 stick? in dimm1 ( next to the cpu)

  hzhzhz 00:27 14 Mar 2005

I built system based on asus k8vse deluxe. I had horrendous problems for weeks until I changed the one memory stick. Its ran perfectly now for months.

  rbolwell2 09:26 14 Mar 2005

Thanks guys, am trying what you have suggested will see if that cracks it. Yes i meant the A7v600.

Also the 200GB SATA HDD formats bloddy quick, not the one on my main PC takes hours. Why is this, I am not using Quick Format

  Storik 09:59 14 Mar 2005

Asus A7V600-X board and have had no trouble with "generic" ram modules DDR333 PC2700. (Tried one, two and three modules up to 1.5GB - all work fine) Don't know whether this is a clue or not. This is a VIA chipset.

I am wondering what your Chip Configuration in the BIOS is set at? You have a choice of by "SPD" or "manual" - could check there and see if you can get the board to accept you memory modules. Mine is set at "SPD". Might help.


  [email protected] 10:02 14 Mar 2005

crucial told me that my ballistix 2x512mb pc4000 ram would work with my ga7n-400pro2. they worked fine in single channel. put them in duel channel and it shut my pc down!

  dan11 14:12 14 Mar 2005

" I have managed to insatal Windows XP, but havent got close to the Logon screen and everytime i try to reinstall stop errors appear. "

Have you tried dropping the fsb of the cpu down to 100Mhz, also the speed of the ram. See if you can get to full desktop and be stable.

You could then progressively wind up the cpu, through stages, to full speed. If stable, start to wind the ram up.

I once had a problem board with a athlon MP, dropping the fsb stopped the stop screens and windows loaded fine. I then just would up the fsb to 133 ( 266 ) and had no problems from then on.

  dan11 11:59 15 Mar 2005


It would be nice to know how the problem was fixed. It would then give anyone else with a similar problem an idea to try:-)

  Storik 12:24 15 Mar 2005

I'm inclined to agree with Dan11 on this. Please be an angel and tell us how you managed to resolve this problem. That way it will help others.


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