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  robbo1987 06:20 17 Sep 2009

Hi, i was looking into buying a new gaming pc but whilst prioes seem high ive decided im going to go down the build it myself route.

I have looked at a few parts so far and was wondering if someone could just let me know if what i have so far seems decent?
now ive gone for an i7, but im still wondering if a quad core will do just as good a job? although im saying gaming pc, im not an avid gamer and it will mainly be for i dont want to do to much overkill.

i7 920 overclocked to 3.33ghz, 6gb ram asus p6t motherboard bundle at £488

[url=click here]Intel i7 920 @ 3.33GHz - Asus P6T - 6GB DDR3 PC10666 Motherboard CPU Overclocked Bundle BU006OC[/url]

ati radeon hd4890 @ £170

coolermaster elite 330 case @ £30

now ive seen this psu which is a coolermaster silent pro 700w psu at £86

[url=click here]Coolermaster Silent Pro M700 700W PSU Modular Power Supply - RS700-ASAAA1-UK[/url]

now this will only be my third build, and as ive never built anything near these specs im not sure if this is suitable,. will 700w be ok? i am maybe hoping to upgrade to 2 graphics cards in the future so i guess id need something different as i do that.

Ive not yet looked at hd's and optical drives but im more than likely going to just use the ones i currently have.

any advice is greatly appreciated

  citadel 08:04 17 Sep 2009

the 600w version of the silent pro only scored 61% in custom pc mag tests.
new dx11 graphics cards next week so 4890 will soon be obsolete.

  Mr Mistoffelees 09:54 17 Sep 2009

Don't worry about DirectX 11 yet. You'll pay a premium for graphics cards that support it but, it will be a long time before there are many games written to take advantage of it. The ATI Radeon HD4890 is a very good card for the money, go for it!

  robbo1987 17:12 17 Sep 2009

ahhh , well could anyone recommend a better psu?

i think i will stick with the 4890 my only problem now is quad core or wether its worth the extra for an 95 or i7.

  I am Spartacus 17:21 17 Sep 2009

BeQuiet 650W click here I believe that was highly rated by Custom PC.

  citadel 17:25 17 Sep 2009

some of the dx11 games ready in 2009 stalker call of pripyat, dirt2, alien v preditor more in 2010. 5870 will be faster than 4890 in any version of dx.

  robbo1987 17:37 17 Sep 2009

great cheers, i take it a 650w would be enough for an i7 then? and i may wait and look at the direct x 11 cards but i dont want to pay considerably more.

  I am Spartacus 12:23 18 Sep 2009

Providing you're not planning on dual graphics cards it should be fine. The graphs at click here give an idea.

A non-overclocked i7 920 should peak at around 160W under extreme loadings.

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