New Build - Slight Boot Problem

  Ghost_Dance 12:41 04 Feb 2003

Asus A7V333, AMD XP 2000+, 40GB Seagate HDD, 400W PSU, 56k Modem, Cnet NIC card, 48xCDRW, 16xDVD, Win 98SE.

No problems detecting hardware etc.

When the PC is booted, I get the POST screen, followed by the Winlogo screen, but no 2nd POST screen, just a black screen for 30 seconds or so. During the black screen the monitors green light goes amber for a few seconds. Then the desktop loads normally. I also get no beeps at all (the case speaker does work).

Monitor and cables are ok.

There are no progs installed yet except ASUS Probe but all drivers are installed.

Can I increase the time the Winlogo is on screen, and if so how?

I have a similar PC using the same monitor cables etc, the only hardware difference is an ASUS A7S33, and that boots normally.

Any ideas?


  Gongoozler 13:01 04 Feb 2003

Ghost_Dance, some BIOS's don't beep after POST unless there is a problem. I think what you are referring to as the second POST screen could be the screen where any DOS instructions are carried out. These sometimes report their actions on the screen, typically these are AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS commands. Windows doesn't need these, so the filess may not exist, or they could have an ECHO OFF command and therefore are not shown on screen.

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