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  Rasper 19:07 22 Dec 2007

Hi All - some more newbie questions for you

I want to use my existing Hard drive on a new board and am upgrading from XP to Vista

Whats the procedure i take so as to keep all current data whilst installing new OS - ie can i just pop new drive in and then write new os over xp ????

Also - my psu u has 2 4 pin cpu connectors - and the board im after ( Abit IP 35 Pro ) has an 8 pin connection - im taking it this is fine.

Sorry to sound lame - im building first system - but my reference book doesnt cater for existing hardware swaps - so any advice is more than welcome>

  Totally-braindead 22:55 22 Dec 2007

I answered on your other thread which is still open click here

After you swap over the drive with XP on it you would have the problems mentioned in the other thread and then you would have perhaps some problems with the upgrade to Vista. You might not it might run perfectly.

To be honest theres no way to tell if there would be any issues from the upgrade to Vista as the Vista scan my system for problems can only be run once your new PC with its new motherboard etc is up and running and assume there would be other new hardware as well.

And I would definately recommend backing everything up before you try. If you don't and things go wrong you will lose everything.

  freddydream 10:46 23 Dec 2007

this will help anyone building there own rig
be carefull when taking off your cpu cooler
make sure you have your computer on for a while
before you decide to take off the cooler fan.
i tried to take off mine without warming cpu up
and the whole cpu came out with the cooler
and it was locked in as well with the lever
i had bent some pins managed to correct them ,but
am sure i broke a pin. anyway switched back on
it,s ok i was worried the cpu cost £120
be very carefull.

  Rasper 19:36 23 Dec 2007

sorry - i meant to ask that if i backup my old info from HD on a USB pen or xternal HD and then transfer to my new hd when ive installed vista, will i encounter any problems - it seems easier to do it this way then try and pop in the old XP HD ???

Apologies if this does not make sense - my kids are running amok at the mo & i cant hear myself think -!!!!!!!!!!

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