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  thosjc 21:39 08 Oct 2008

Hi all yet again. Am working through your suggestions so far with no solution but can anyone tell me what would be a usual operating temperature for intel E8500 (Ive not overclocked it)? Ive been watching the various temperatures and voltages carefully - the Asus PK5C board is now a healthy 26 degrees but the CPU is 40 degrees when only windows background running and spiking up to 55 where I run something in a mionimissed window and can still see the operating temperature. Wondering if that (CPU overheating at startup) could be my problem but before I re-do the heatsink etc Id just check

  MAT ALAN 21:51 08 Oct 2008

Min/Max operating temperature (°C) 5 - 72.4

You are well within the range...

  chub_tor 21:52 08 Oct 2008

click here you might want to read this. It seems that 40 degC is about normal at boot up, but should go down to around 34 degC when Windows is running.

Check the temperatures both in the BIOS and with the Asus utility.

  I am Spartacus 23:17 08 Oct 2008

It would have been better to stick to the original thread so others could see what suggestions have been posted click here

40C is well within tolerance and wouldn't cuase the problem you're having. You need to be getting over 70C for the thermal control to kick in. However try the Real Temp utility. There's a very good explanation of the methodology used to create it click here

  thosjc 18:42 09 Oct 2008

Hi all. Still working through various hardware checks and so far without luck until maybe tonight. Thanks for the suggestion of the Real Temp utility - that has shown that my CPU is spiking at 74 degrees C intermittently so Ive dismantled the cpu fan thing (its a stupid design Intel) and reapplied it. Noticed now a much lower starting temperature (33 degrees running windows) but it still spikes around 72 when I run a maths heavy job- which i see is near the top of the tolerance. Would anyone recommend an alternative CPU cooler? Im a bit reluctant to dismantle everything but if thats the way to go....

  I am Spartacus 18:55 09 Oct 2008

I recommend the Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 with a fan that spins around 1200rpm or 700rpm if you want it a bit quieter (but hotter). You'll have to take out the motherboard again to fit the backplate but it's worth it.

Did you clean off the thermal paste residue properly and reapply it? I use arctic silver 5 and recommend it.

That is too hot for an E8400 on stock settings even with the Intel 'cooler'.

Readings like that suggest there's no thermal paste on it at all or one or more of the push pins haven't been clicked into place properly.

  thosjc 19:11 13 Oct 2008

Thanks Spartacus - that problem was indeed incorrectly attached fan so temperatures now a much healthier 33 degrees at 'rest' and not peaking much above 60. this has fixed some of the crashes but I still have two problems. 1. The USB Mouse sometimes gets a life of its own, twitching across the screen and very difficult to control. Ive reloaded/updated USB drivers but problem persists. 2. My computer continues to crash if I try to play graphics heavy game like Crysis - usually crashing after the first or second 'splash' screen. Ive removed and re-loaded all the latest drivers (graphics, sound, BIOS, Chipset) but problem persists. In addition to checking the temperature, Ive run the memory checker and all seems OK there. I have attached both the 24 pin and 4 pin power supplies to the motherboard and the additional power supply to the graphics card. All the fans are spinning OK and voltages seem stable and correct (at least according to the asus 'probeII' software that was a bundled utility).
The system comprises
Intel E8500 CPU
Asus PK5C Motherboard
Sapphire Radeon HD 4850
Arctic 750 watt power supply

So where next?

  I am Spartacus 19:51 13 Oct 2008

I'd now be suspecting a faulty graphics card. I assume you're using the Catalyst 8.9 drivers? Do you see any unusual coloured artefacts on screen e.g. a green leaf glowing red or blue, if so it's probably faulty.

You can use Riva Tuner to monitor GPU temperatures click here If you've installed the Catalyst Control Centre then you can also see the GPU temperature in the ATI Overdrive section (you may need to 'unlock' the padlosck for that.

And use Furmark to stress it click here Note that it will REALLY stress it.

Note the Asus probe software isn't that accurate with especially on 45nm CPUs like the E8500.

You can improve your CPU temperature down to a maximum in the low 50's under heavy load by fitting a decent heatsink and fan like the TRUE I mentioned above at Thu, [email protected]:55

You could always try another mouse to fix the wandering problem or update the drivers if available.

  I am Spartacus 19:58 13 Oct 2008

A couple of other things, what voltages are you running for the CPU vcore and the RAM? CPU-Z give accurate voltage readings for the CPU if you've set it to Auto click here

  thosjc 23:04 13 Oct 2008

Spartacus - not done all the testing yet but does the following mean anything to you:

I went on to the Catalyst centre and on the Overdrive section as you suggest, I noticed a button 'Test custom clocks' - when I pressed that the system crashed after a few moments then restored itself with a 'failed' message. I re-started the computer and tried it again, this time although I did not get thrown out to a black screen, there was a definite problem with the image pixelating and no response from mouse etc. the GPU temperature had risen to 55 and the CPU to 109% when this happened. In case it matters the GPU clock was set at 500MHz and Memory clock at 993 MHz. Im downloading the other progs. you suggested and will work on these too - but does this result mean I have a faulty graphics card?

  I am Spartacus 23:34 13 Oct 2008

That temperature of 55ºC is good (4850s run hot) and I think is indicating a faulty card if it's crashing at that level.

Also If you've not increased the clocks and it failed when testing the standard clock speeds that seems to be a good indication of a faulty card.

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