New Build problem - No fan activity

  craig367 12:18 10 May 2006

Just built pc with:-Jeantech Arctic 600w modular psu, Abit AN8 SLI Mobo & AMD 4200+ x2 dual core cpu (Socket 939). No signs of life from either psu fan or cpu fan. Power seems to get to the Mobo as the POST LED comes on with 'E' then 1.0. (the dots being near top of numbers not bottom). Any ideas what to do next? Bulit my last pc in under an hour with no probs at all. Have also tried with another 450W psu still same. Have tried with Mobo out of casing as well.

  Totally-braindead 12:21 10 May 2006

Does this motherboard have a 4 pin socket next to the CPU and if it does have you connected power to it?

  craig367 12:25 10 May 2006

Yes I have plugged the 4-pin 12v plug into Mobo socket. Mobo manual advises that although the main power socket has 24-pin slot only need to attach the main 20-pins & the 4-pin 12v plug near cpu socket. Have tried both 20-pins & full 24-pins, with & without the 4-pin 12v plugged in???

  Totally-braindead 12:32 10 May 2006

Have you also tried it with power attached to the ATX4P1 socket as well?

  craig367 12:39 10 May 2006

As far as I can remember have tried all combinations, but will ahve another go when home from work. Which components must also be plugged in? Have had 2 1Gb RAM sticks slotted in & graphics card & HDD.

  Totally-braindead 14:12 10 May 2006

Even if the RAM was faulty it would still post, what you are saying is nothing is happening at all no fans nothing, the only thing that does works is the LED, you could check the CMOS jumper and reset the system.
Thinking about it also double check that the power switch is connected properly.
I've read the POST codes for the manual and I'm afraid it doesn't help me at all as I have no idea what a lot of them mean. I understand beep codes but this LED thing I haven't a clue.
I would check the switch connectors first and then reset the CMOS per instructions in the manual. Is it a new case? I also wonder if the switch could be faulty.

  Totally-braindead 14:15 10 May 2006

The more I think about it the more convinced I am it has to be power. Power goes to the motherboard even when switched off and you have that. It must be a bad connection somewhere either the switch connections to the motherboard or the actual switch on the case.

  yabadabado 15:20 10 May 2006

just a random though and i dont know if this is valid for your pc, but with mine if the CPU cooler isnt plugged into the board, i will get no activity. Had a jumper which i had to set to force it to boot if using a cooler which isnt fitted with 3pin plug...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 10 May 2006

If PSU fan not running sounds as if PSU not firing up.

PSU trickles power to motherboard motherboard sends signal back to PSU when power button pressed.

So looks like faulty button or mobo.

you can mometarily short the power button contacts on the mother board to simulate power button pressed.

  craig367 10:41 11 May 2006

Took everything out & started again. Now works fine - ish. I think was probs the front panel power switch not connected properly. Have rebooted a lot last night & sometimes it hangs when checking IDE drives. DVD RW & PATA drives seems to recognise quickly then hangs completely when checking for 3rd IDE master (The SATA drive). Then if I switch off (not reset button) can start perfectly next time? Also managed to install my original XP Pro from old system? Thought it wouldn't let me - although I had previously phoned MS support for new product key 'cos reinstalled too many times.This time used the original product key which came with disc. MS website let me validate it & install updates so assume all is ok? I guess because when validating it couldn't find another installation currently using that code? Anyway as long as it works & Police aren't gonna bust me for multiple installations (old pc dead now).

  craig367 09:39 15 May 2006

Everything seems to have settled down now. Working fine.

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