New Build Problem

  rabbitrabbit 08:59 13 Sep 2007

Spent all last night replacing my previous components.
Used my existing Coolermaster case.
Placed in a new motherboard bundle (processor, fan, memory, etc).
New power supply (580).
Connected up my relevant hard drives and disc drives with power and cables.
Installed a new graphics card.
But when I switched on, nothing happened.
The green LED is present on the motherboard. Is this a good sign? Am I just missing one piece of the jigsaw? Perhaps just one mistake?

  Technotiger 09:04 13 Sep 2007

Remove the graphics card, then try again. Once your new pc is up and running, you can then Install the graphics card software and then re-fit the graphics card.

  Technotiger 09:07 13 Sep 2007

Also, that was just a guess - it would help us to help you if you can give more details - like, mobo model/number, OS, graphics card details, what memory etc - not forgetting what monitor.

  rabbitrabbit 09:10 13 Sep 2007

AMD X2 4200 AM2, Heatsink and Fan, 2048MB DDR2 667 RAM, Asus AM2 Motherboard
Novatech GeForce 7600GS 256MB

Will re-use my existing hard drives. Obviously will have to do a repair, but only once i can get the damn thing running!
When i tried to power up, the green led came on, but no fans were in operation. Hope that helps a little more

  Technotiger 09:14 13 Sep 2007

Hmm, no fans! Sounds like a Power problem then - are you sure all connections from PSU to components and to mobo are correctly fitted?

Although you have new PSU, it could still be a dud! It has happened to me previously.

  rabbitrabbit 09:28 13 Sep 2007

But surely the green light on the motherboard suggests that the power supply is ok?

  Technotiger 09:34 13 Sep 2007

No, that is only a LED, only have to breath on that and it will glow - well almost! But seriously, that LED needs absolute minimum of power, not a bit like the fans etc, so could still be a dodgy PSU. But double check all connections anyway.

Perhaps you could try your old PSU if that is still working?

  rabbitrabbit 09:42 13 Sep 2007

Previous PSU doesn't appear to help it work either. So I guess we can rule that one out. Ho-hum.

  Technotiger 10:01 13 Sep 2007

OK - remove everything from pc except keyboard/mouse/monitor and obviously harddrive, then try again.

  rabbitrabbit 10:53 13 Sep 2007

Connected only the power supply, motherboard, graphics card, and RAM. Still nothing but an LED light. No fans or anything.

  Brad G 10:55 13 Sep 2007

hold up a sec...

this green light you can see is this actually on your motherboard?

does this light appear as soon as you put the powercable in the back, and not when you press the power button?

my point is, is that you may have the two pin connector for the power switch on the wrong pins.

i touch the pins with a flat blade screwdriver to confirm im on the right ones.

also double check to see if your motherboard has a 24 pin power connector ( the big wide one ) and a square four pin one. make sure they are firmly attached.

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