New build PC - won't boot

  bratty 21:43 13 Jul 2004

Confused? You will be!
I've just built a new PC - Intel Celeron 2.6 with ASUSP4P800 Mobo (integrated graphics and sound)
512 DDR RAM and yes, it won't boot.

I tried disconnecting all drives just leaving RAM, CPU & fan, case spkr and pwr switch connected and no beeps, nothing on the monitor. I even tried it with no RAM to try to generate an error beep, but to no avail.

So, I assumed I had a duff mobo, so I sent it back and got a new one. Ebuyer said the old one was faulty so I thought I had it sorted. Just tried the new board but same problem! No boot, no nothing. The only thing I get is a v quiet beep as I turn the power off.

I have 3 diagnoses:
1. I am just unlucky and got 2 duff motherboards.
2. The CPU is also bust (in the faff I ran the CPU for about 8 secs without the fan, would that break it?)
3. I am missing something else.

All connections and seatings have been double checked. Any ideas gratefully received.


  ollie < one> 21:52 13 Jul 2004

have you set the bios up right ie to boot from the hdd

  bratty 21:58 13 Jul 2004

I can't get it to start the boot, so can't get into the BIOS to adjust any settings.

In any case it is supposed to auto-detect CPU speeds etc.

Thanks for responding though.

  ollie < one> 22:29 13 Jul 2004

hi again
you are probs right with a duff mobo but here is a small problem that i had a couple of days ago comp would not boot i thought mobo had blown as was over 2 years did some tests to find that the problem was the pwr supply it pwrd mobo ok but the leads to the drives were not supplying pwr lucky enough had a spare one to swap with and now all is well hope this may add you otherwise good luck

  GuyR 22:30 13 Jul 2004

fit both the floppy and hard drive to the machine and go for re-boot, but first re check all connections onto motherboard, it is very easy to think part is fitted and it is slightly loose.
Do the lights come on at all for the floppy and hard drive when booting up? which would suggest that something is happening.
have you got sa windows 98 boot disc at all? try putting that in if system is starting to boot

Check the RAM as well

  gudgulf 22:59 13 Jul 2004

Check all the connectors for the power switch/reset button etc are fitted correctly.

When you switch on are you getting any sign of things powering up,eg fans spinning /lights on drives or anything? Also can you check any of the components in another pc?

  bratty 23:17 13 Jul 2004

Thanks for the responses. When I switch the power on, there is an LED on the mobo which shows power is applied, and also the fan runs. I have checked and refitted all connectors to no avail.

I can hear the HDD spin up, but I never get any BIOS start beep or anything come up on the monitor.

By the way, Ebuyer help via e-note is useless - it takes 2 days to get a poor answer from them. They used to be much better over the phone.

  gudgulf 23:29 13 Jul 2004

One thought ,although not much help.You may not get a bios beep--I use a p4p800 deluxe and on boot-up ,no beep.But then this normal on my pc and it boots up perfectly.

Does your mobo have an AGP slot,and can you "borrow" a graphics card from a friends pc.It would be worth it if you can to see if that works,if not you are probably looking at another duff board.I don't suppose there is any chance that it is shorting against the case???

Other than that it could be the cpu that is not working.

  gudgulf 23:33 13 Jul 2004

One other thing to check....make sure the clear cmos jumper is set in the right position.Some mobo's ship with it in the "clear" position.Check with your mobo manual.

  goonerbill 23:43 13 Jul 2004

what is the output of your PSU. it may not be supplying enough power as the fans are spinning and not much else is happening.

also only ever come across a problem similar to this when building a computer for a friend. for some reason it would not boot with the mouse they had choosen, try booting with only keyboard attached.

  ensonricky 00:00 14 Jul 2004

I didn't think that the Asus P4800 had intergrated grahics.

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