new build pc - screen blanks at certain points

  dsbdsb 09:22 27 Feb 2008

hello people.
i've just made my first self build pc - and in almost every way it's working fine.... except (!)

i have a gigabyte motherboard, q6600 processor, geforce 8600 graphics card.

when i do certain things on my pc - but not every time, my main display blanks and reports no signal is being received. i then need to turn the monitor off and on again and all is fine.
examples are ejecting my dvd drive, unplugging a usb device.
the graphics card is dual dvi output, i swapped around the connectors so my second unnafected monitor - my hdtv was on the first connection and my main monitor is on the other - and the problem continues.
i believe i have up to date drivers and i've tried the monitor on another pc without problems.
is this a familiar problem? - if any more info is needed please say.
thanks in advance!

  skidzy 14:55 27 Feb 2008

" when i do certain things on my pc - but not every time, my main display blanks and reports no signal "

Please explain what exactly you are doing when this happens.

If its when the machine is under stress,ie playing games,video editing etc... possible psu issue.

As you have built this system,check all cables are firmly in place,check the ram is clipped down correctly.

Though you may have a buggy driver installed,try updating or roll back the graphics driver.

  keef66 14:57 27 Feb 2008

did you install the motherboard chipset drivers after installing the operating system?

  dsbdsb 15:01 27 Feb 2008

The chipset driver is installed.

i did bury the details a little in my original message.
things such as opening the cd drive or unplugging a usb device can trigger the dropout.

i will try to uninstall the graphics drivers and put them back again - will report back!

  skidzy 16:51 27 Feb 2008

" things such as opening the cd drive or unplugging a usb device can trigger the dropout. "

Certainly sounds like a possible faulty or failing psu.

Basically im seeing this as;

you do things that may need that extra little bit of power...can you confirm the brand and output of the psu.
The only way to check this,is to open the case and look on the psu itself,you may have to remove the psu if the details are not visible.

How many hdd and dvd/cd drives are fitted ?
same goes for any pci cards,basically anything that needs power...can you list them ?

  Terry Brown 16:55 27 Feb 2008

I agree with skidzy, it seems as if your PSU (Power Supply unit) is failing. Look for one with an output of 400w plus.

  dsbdsb 17:50 27 Feb 2008

it's a coolermaster green 500w psu - about a week old.
it seems to get a good writeup....
i have uninstalled the newest nvidia drivers and installed those that came with the card - just to see if that helps - too soon to say yet.

  dsbdsb 17:54 27 Feb 2008

also, does it have any bearing that the dropout only occurs on the main monitor while the hdtv happily continues displaying it's desktop without any problem - surely a power issue would mean both stop? - especially given that i swapped gfx outputs and the problem swapped output too.

  keef66 20:31 27 Feb 2008

I'm not familiar with the 8600; does the graphics card require an additional power connector, and if so, is it properly connected?

Sounds like it's short of juice and decides briefly to stop sending a signal to one of the outputs.

what kind of cables are connecting the 2 displays? DVI, analog, HDMI? Can you try alternative cables?

  dsbdsb 21:15 27 Feb 2008

it doesn't use additional power - just what it draws from the graphics port.
both connections are dvi - for the last 6 hours (fingers crossed) there hasnt been a repeat since installing the original in box drivers over the newer nvidia ones - so hopefully that will prove to be the answer.

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