New Build PC freezes at POST or BIOS - Help Needed

  Benjamin2008 09:58 20 Apr 2008


Hello. I hope someone can help. Just purchased a barebone bundle including the P5N-D motherboard 2 gig of Ram and a Quad Core Processor 6600.

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All of this was prebuilt in a case. I added 1 SATA HD and 1 SATA DVD RW and a GEFORCED 9800 GX2.


I cannot post past the BIOS (system freezes and keyboard etc becomes non-responsive) or if I can the system freezes whilst trying to install VISTA. I get an error on POST : 'checksum error'. Sometimes I see the BIOS Flash Page and sometimes I have enough time to change something in the BIOS before the system freezes and the keyboard stops working. If it does go past the POST it will start the install of Vista then Freeze.


1)Replaced the 530 PSU with a 850 PSU
2) swapped the CMOS Battery
3) Swapped the RAM with new RAM and tried every combination of filling all slots and leaving all empty but one
4) Swapped out the Graphics Card for a Matrox 450
5) Tried 3 different Keyboards
6) Cleared the jumpers on the Motherboard and replaced the CMOS Battery
7) Tried 3 different monitors


I know one of you will suggest Flashing the BIOS but I have never done this before and I do not have a floppy disk drive. I have the Motherboard DISK though. I have tried to use the disk but again the system will freeze part way through the Disk loading

Any help would be gratefully recieved as I have spent a lot of money on this kit and cannot even get an Operating System loaded

Kind regards


  howard64 11:27 20 Apr 2008

get onto novatech they are brilliant and it seems you have a faulty beast.

  AndySD 11:33 20 Apr 2008

Check the RAM voltage (stastes its 1.8) and timings. If its OCZ then it may need to be higher voltage.

You will need to check these specs on the manufacturers website.

  Newuser939 12:49 20 Apr 2008

I agree with howard64. It may be that the processor and heatsink have not been assembled correctly so that the processor is quickly overheating and shutting down to prevent further damage.

  Benjamin2008 14:51 20 Apr 2008

Checked the memory voltage and it does state 1.8 volts - it might be worth noting that the PC does not shutdown - it freezes. An image is always on my screen but I cannot move the mouse or input via the keyboard. The fans are all running and there is power to the motherboard. It seems that when the freeze happens - during post or just after - the system stops supplying power to the mouse and keyboard and the PC becomes non-repsonsive. I have an optical mouse so i can watch the light go out at the same time the PC freezes. It never reboots. I have to switch it on and off. I know it is not the power supply it self as I swapped out the supplied Hyper 530w with a 850w Hyper power supply and have checked all the appropriate power cables are attached to the motherboard.

Any ideas before I contact Novatech?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:07 20 Apr 2008

If its freezing around POST

1. PSU - checked OK
2. Memory - checked OK
3. Motherboard
4. CPU

How far does it get if you have NO drives attached?

  Benjamin2008 15:31 20 Apr 2008

Thanks for the responses. Fruit Bat : i have disconnected the Hard Drive and DVD Drive. The system Posts with a message of 'the system failed to post properly' please enter setup and load defaults (BIOS). I can get into the BIOS without it freezing now and load the defaults and the system restarts BUT

This is what I have worked out on the Power Side. I unplug the power cord, switch the power to on to drain the transistors. I plug in the power cord and flick the on switch. I then click the power button to switch the PC on. Lots of Fan noise forever and nothing happens. Then I hold down the power button again and the PC shuts down. I press the power button again and we get lots of fan noise BUT THEN they settle down I get a signal on my screen and a POST message telling me my system failed to load properly please load defaults. I can only get to that stage if I follow the power on/off combination as above. If I miss a step I just get lots of fan noise and then nothing.

I hope I am explaining this well. Maybe I doing something really stupid with the on/off buttons at the front and back of the PC. I think not though

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:47 20 Apr 2008

Leave socket on
Switch on PSU on, just use front switch.

Clear BIOS using clear jumper and then refit to correct position.

Try a reboot should boot to error message about missing drives.

  Benjamin2008 16:08 20 Apr 2008

Thanks for the help Fruit Bat. I did as you suggested. The PC started (ASUS POST screen first) then the second screen (BIOS POST). This page tells me what drives and memory I have installed. It had the following error :

CMOS - checksum error - defaults loaded. F1 to continue, or Del to enter setup. I hit F1 and the PC just flashed and shut down.


I removed one memory module so I have just 1 gig in the first bay (the second was in the corresponding bay as per manual) this time the system booted and I pressed F1 (same cmos error) and I have the following message on my screen :

Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.

I am guessing this is a good message but maybe you can tell me before I link back my drives and try to load vista onto my empty HD. I await your advice

Many thanks for your help

  User-312386 16:17 20 Apr 2008

Thats a good error

Go back to BIOS and change to first boot as CD/DVD re-writer and load your O/S

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:20 20 Apr 2008

Disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter.

Is good if you do not have drive connected.

CMOS - checksum error

Is bad, this is a BIOS fault,
My advice is send the board back again if BIOS will NOT reset and this message does not go away on boot.
Do Not attempt to flash the BIOS on a new board or your guarantee is null and void.

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