New build, not getting off the ground, help!

  Epirb406 19:40 06 Jun 2009

Hi all,

Have been punting around some random posts lately, thought I would rationalise a little and offer some background and then maybe people would be able to help.

10 years ago I started building PCs,in those days it was a way to save a huge amount of money on getting a pretty high spec PC.

I was no genius at it but kept at the game for five years or so, built a few for myself and family and friends.

Then I had children and it all stopped. My knowledge is all out of date and I am dammed if I can get a handle on it all! In use in this house are two PCs, one powered by an Athlon XP 2400 and the other a small form factor P4 3.0 Ghz machine. One runs XP and the other XP Media centre. Both have a Gig of RAM.

The media centre is now too noisy with worn fans and the main machine is cranky and crashy.(Suspect graphics card if you want to know!)

I now want to replace the main machine and here is what I am thinking:

Google Chrome
Serif MoviePlus X3
Energy efficient
Music playing
Word 2003
WMP 11

Now I don't know where to draw the line, turn to in this entirely changed processor and memory world.

I see remarkable Ebay deals, try click here or click here Both seem a lot for the money. Acer seem to offer a lot too.

Throw in a RAID system for zero effort back up......

So, that's me, my thoughts and my capabilities, what does anyone think?

Sorry for the Marathon post, any questions please do ask and thanks in advance for your help,

All the best, Epirb.

  Epirb406 08:43 07 Jun 2009

AMD, INtel, Dual core, Quad core, Core 2 Duo......

Graphics card.????

Pricing for new build??

Any clues?

Cheers, Epirb.

  DieSse 09:15 07 Jun 2009

Cheap -

Save a whole heap by using Linux - Mint (based on Ubuntu) is very good indeed - will do all the software things you mention and costs zilch.

Hardware - Schmardware -

Anything will be vastly faster than what you have. Hardware hardly matters any more. Except, for Linux, a respectable (far from top of range) nvidia graphics card will be well supported.

Quiet -

Take care choosing a really good case, a really good processor cooler with a slow revvinf fa, a really good PSU, and large slow revving case fans.

  DieSse 09:16 07 Jun 2009

"..will do all the software things you mention"

Not Serif - but there'll be an alternative.

  Epirb406 11:40 07 Jun 2009

Thanks for input, don't want to start another OS argument here, my kids computer rums Linux and I am looking at Mythbuntu for the media machine.

However, this share machine for family use will be Windows, not sure I need to be running Vista but it does make a certain amount of sense.

More a beacon in the mire of hardware options that I need.

My fault, all would have been well if I hadn't bought a 10 megapix camera!

All the best, Epirb.

  DieSse 11:57 07 Jun 2009

"However, this share machine for family use will be Windows, not sure I need to be running Vista but it does make a certain amount of sense."

You said cheap - but why not save all that software money??

Hardware is the easiest thing to choose now - IMNSHO. It's all fast - just don't go bleeding edge and pay an unnecessary premium for doing so.

Vista right now would be a big error - if you have to absolutely have windows, and spend all that money, stay with XP or go to Win7.

  Epirb406 21:19 07 Jun 2009

Not a biggie with me but is that what is stopping people giving thoughts about hardware?


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