New build - freezing

  herbie53 11:54 19 Aug 2008

Hi, I wonder if you can help me, I am building a computer; it is an AMD Athlon X2 6000+ with 4GB DDR2 ram (2x 2GB) but as it is running on 32bit Windows XP Media Center edition 3.25gb of ram is useable. It also has a Hauppauge twin tv tuner (PCI) to use in Media Center. It has an nVidia 7600GS 512mb PCI-E graphics card and 2 hard drives, a Seagate 320gb (for data) and a Hitachi 160gb (for TV recording). It also has a Samsung DVD-+RW drive. All of the drives use a SATA connection. This is all powered by a 500 watt Antec earthwatts power supply and uses an MSI K9N Neo-F V3 Socket AM2 nForce560 motherboard.

Once I had built the PC I installed Windows, and all the drivers and software, but then it started to occasionally freeze, and the only way to get it going again was to switch it off and on again, this got more and more frequent, and now it has usually frozen by the time Windows is fully loaded up. I do not think it is a software problem, because it has happened when booting just before the Windows XP boot screen. It seems completely random when it freezes, and once it froze before the POST on the screen with info about the graphics card

I have tried removing the TV card, taking out each stick of ram running with 1 in different slots and loading "fail safe defaults" in the BIOS but no luck. I don't think it is an overheating problem, as the case has good ventilation, and the software for the motherboard monitors temperatures and the CPU only gets to around 40C. According to the software Speedfan, both hard drives run at 31C but when I touch them I can feel they get very hot! Could this be the cause? I am afraid I can't swap out the graphics card, as I don't have another PCI-E one.

Does anyone have any ideas?

  Dave.S 12:57 19 Aug 2008

Hi herbie53, It sounds like you are having a simalar problem to myself.
I get my comp running by disconnecting the SATA connection to the main hard drive and then reconnecting it (Computer turned off, of course).
This seems to work for a couple of days on mine. I'm using the cables that came with the motherboard, they seem ok, but you never know!


  herbie53 15:09 19 Aug 2008

I've tried pushing in all the cables to make sure they are plugged in correctly, and so far it hasn't crashed, so fingers crossed!

  Mr Mistoffelees 15:22 19 Aug 2008

I'm familiar with this problem from when I first started using SATA. I solved it, permanently, by buying cables that fitted tightly on the connectors. The ones supplied with the motherboard where rather loose.

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