New Build Computer Dead!

  heathdavid 10:52 02 May 2004

I have built a new PC, having built several before. On boot up, the fans run for about 5 seconds and then everything stops - no beeps. It needs the power to be disconnected and reconnected before you can retry. I have disconnected power to all devices other than the motherboard. Have tried an alternative video card without success. I have tried disconnecting all drives. After removing the video card, I get three beeps on startup (expected) but then after the 5 seconds, everything stops.

Any ideas what I should try next.


  Gongoozler 10:58 02 May 2004

Hi heathdavid. When I recently built a computer, I had a similar problem, and the video card was the cause. Video card in, no beeps and the computer wouldn't power up. Video card out, and the BIOS correctly reported that there was a video problem. I proved the card to be the cause by borrowing an old pci graphics card.

  heathdavid 11:17 02 May 2004

Hi Gongoozeler

Thanks for the thought but I have tried an old PCI graphics card with the same result.


  961 12:15 02 May 2004

Does sound like Motherboard/BIOS problem

Are any manual jumpers properly set?

Does mobo have on-board video and is this switched on?

POST obviously not finding something?

Processor heatsink seated correctly?

  Quiller. 12:31 02 May 2004

Have you tried turning the reset connector from the case to the motherboard around.

  AndySD 12:33 02 May 2004

Is the cpu fan running properly?

  heathdavid 13:30 02 May 2004

Thanks for the thoughts. The fans are spinning but I wonder if it is to do with the system connector:

I had connected 3 and 7 to power and 4 and 8 to reset. I have now removed reset and tried 3 and 4 to power. Same result - so this isn't the answer!

There are manual jumpers for the CPU multiplier but it says in the manual that these are for overclocking only. I have assumed that it must detect the CPU and choose the settings accordingly. It has an Athlon 2400 and I have set the FSB to 266Mhz. I am using DDR400 RAM and the manual says that it will not support DDR400 at 200Mhz but makes no mention of problems with DDR400 at other speeds so I assume it must be OK.

Still DEAD!!

  Rayuk 13:40 02 May 2004

The fsb should be set to 133 not 266

  heathdavid 14:43 02 May 2004

AMD say 266. The only options for the FSB are 200, 266, 333 and 400.

  gold 47 15:00 02 May 2004

I have an AMD 2.4 CPU FSB is set at 133 and my Ram is DDR3200 you look if you have the wrong Ram.
I know AMD have there newer CPU chips out now Barton they won't work on older MOB'S but i don't know if they would fit on older boards does your board support Barton??

  Gongoozler 15:03 02 May 2004

It sometimes helps to remove the CMOS battery for a few minutes to ensure that the settings are really cleared.

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