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  Shaunmk 11:25 26 Sep 2012

hey sorry for this very generic post.. I am new to Home-builds and need the help Here are my suggested components (i am looking to overclock once i learn more about it) and i would like to go for a second g-card down the line

cpu i7 3770k ( mobo Maximus v formula (i like the on board audio but i am still open to suggestion) SSD 128GB OCZ Vertex 4 HDD 3000GB Seagate Barracuda 7200 BR LG Electronics Blu-ray Super Multi LG BH10LS38 Lightscribe G-card (MSI N670GTX-PE2GD5/OC) One for now and will definatly sli later ( taken into acout for the power supply) Ram 16 G 1600 (any suggestions do i need other ram to overclock) ? PSU ? ( value for money) Cpu cooler for OC ?? ( suggestions value for money)

Cases : so far ive gotten a little stuck, initially the mobo seem to be too big however its not a full Eatx and has the following dimensions 12 inch x 10.1 inch ( 30.5 cm x 25.7 cm ) so some people said it can fit in some atx case but im not sure which ones?

Basically i am not fussed when in comes to aesthetics of the system so i dont give crap about matching colours however my goals are to have SLI (in the near future, to learn to overclock cpu and so on, windows 8 ready and good audio.. I am not stuborn and would like suggestion on any system change. if you dont think its worth it let me know. ohh and anything that makes oc safer or easier let me know..i will also be doing some fluid dynamic simulations,i would aslo like to use a 5.1 surround sound system,Do i need to have a sound card or can i use onboard audio (not to fancy)?

This board has a decent rating in germany Gigabyte GA-Z77X UD4TH

thanking you in advance


  frybluff 11:56 26 Sep 2012

The first thing to clarify is whether you NEED i7 & 16GB RAM, over i5 & 8GB of RAM. For gaming, it gains you nothing. For stuff like high-end photo/video editing or 3D CAD, it's worthwhile; not for much else. Then do you have an interest in overclocking, itself, or just for the performance gain, it gives you. If the later, use something like Asus P8Z77-V Pro, or possibly ASRock Z77 Extreme4, for mobo and mid-tower case. If the former, then go with something, like the Maximus, but recommend you get full-tower with it. If you only want modest overclocking, something like CoolerMaster Hyper 212Evo, is ideal low cost cooler. If you want to get a bit more "drastic" with OC, then a liquid cooler, like Corsair H100 is worth considering.

  Shaunmk 12:49 26 Sep 2012

are the board winds 8 ready?

  frybluff 14:51 26 Sep 2012

Yes. That's not an issue, I wouldn't, however, be in a rush to get Windows 8. I've not tried it, but have been told it's rubbish, so I will certainly wait a while, before deciding to "jump in".

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