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  Severn Bore 19:19 07 Nov 2010

After consulting on this forum I have decided to build my own new PC. However, I have in mind using the hard drive preloaded with Win 7 Ultimate and installed software etc in my existing PC, assuming that it will work immediately in the new build. The hard drive is a fast SATA hard drive in top condition and has been thoroughly checked to make sure it is "healthy".
I wondered whether anyone else as tried this and whether any problems could be foreseen?

  kjrider 19:39 07 Nov 2010

I doubt that you will be able to do that. Windows 7 will be set up for your existing PC, and you won't be able to change it.

If you have got a Windows 7 DVD, you might be able to persuade MS to let you re-authenticate it on your new PC.


  Jwbjnwolf 19:57 07 Nov 2010

hardware and driver issues is one of the main probs you would have
I wanted to install xp on an external drive and then boot to it from any of our pcs but someone told me that I wouldnt be able to do pc to pc
1. because the hardware and driver issues,
2. because windows will treat it as so you installed it on more pcs from what you are lisanced to, so it will be classed as illegal copy
but if you have the disk then so longs that you get rid of the one it was origanlly on, then you will be able to install it on the new build and reactivate it.

  Severn Bore 20:13 07 Nov 2010

I don't think there will be a problem about transferrring the licence, although it will undoubtedly require a call to Microsoft.
However, I was more interested in whether there would be technical problems. I had assumed it would be no different from when you have to replace a faulty motherboard on an existing PC. Any views?

Everything you need is going to be on the HDD you are putting into the new machine I would have thought.

Everything you need is going to be on the HDD you are putting into the new machine I would have thought.

  Seadog 21:12 07 Nov 2010

Won't work!
Been there tried it and you will be very lucky if any of it works.
Chances are it won't even boot!
The OS on the hard drive has been configured to the component signatures of your present system, motherboard, cpu etc. etc.
The best bet would be to start with a fresh install of everything on the new pc using the original Win 7 disc although I doubt MS will allow you to "transfer" the licence to a new pc.
Try it anyway if you want but I personally think you will be wasting your time.

  AL47 23:20 07 Nov 2010

you really have to do a fresh install

i only just managed to get my windows 7 installation to go from one hdd to RAID array with all the same hardware using acronis universal restore

i lost drivers for the CPU, bluetooth and one keyboard

and remember this was only changing one hardware aspect.. a whole new system, is just not worth it

  kjrider 23:25 07 Nov 2010

If you are replacing a faulty motherboard with one that is exactly the same, you just might do it.

  Forum Editor 23:57 07 Nov 2010

of Windows 7 the licence terms mean that you cannot transfer the software to another computer.

An OEM Windows licence 'dies' when the computer on which it was first installed dies. As far as Microsoft licensing is concerned a computer is it's motherboard - change that and the licence is dead.

Your plan is to do just that - you're effectively changing the motherboard by moving the hard drive, and Windows will know about it because the registry on the hard drive will contain erroneous hardware entries. It may stop working, or next time you visit the update site you may get a warning notice about an illegal copy of Windows.

  Severn Bore 10:17 08 Nov 2010

Thanks for all of the advice. Looks like I have no choice but to undertake a clean install - and reload all of my other software....ugh!
Just one point of clarification for the Forum Editor and that is to say that mine is a retail copy of Windows and not OEM, although clearly this makes no difference to the technical barriers.
As always, the Forum has produced all of the answers needed.

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